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Today we are going to share some information about how to spot a fake Gucci t-shirt. Unfortunately, there are always more an more replica/fake Gucci clothes circulating the market, many of which are being sold as authentic.

This authentic vs replica Gucci review guide gives you useful information on checking the authenticity of the Gucci washed print T-shirt.


First thing you’re going to notice is 1. THE NECK LABEL
The main difference is if you look on the top corners you can see the red thread which is attaching the label, while the fake one doesn’t have that. You can see that is just a bit of white stitching, not the red thread that is meant to have. On a total look, the real neck label is more defined, tidier and clear. On the real one, The GUCCI word is a little bit darker than at the fake one. You also can easily notice the regular stitching on the real one.

2.THE GUCCI logo
Gucci’s iconic interlocking GG is an essential part of the brand’s identity, and a key point to reference when spotting fakes. If you look at the coloring on the fake one the green and the red are not really dark enough then on the real one. Another spot you can find is the Gucci word, on the fake t-shirt is darker than on the real one, even the font is irregular at the fake one, some of the letters are bigger than other ones, so that makes a difference between the regular word at the real one.

3.Gucci T-Shirt Materials & Construction
The first thing you need to know is that Gucci exclusively uses cotton to create their T-shirts. A Gucci T-shirt that is not made of 100% cotton is a red flag.
Note the quality of the stitching. Gucci is known for high-quality production.


4.Inside Identifiers
At the interior side seam of a real T-shirt, you’ll find a country of origin and fabrication tag with multiple pages, the font on it should be straight and regular.On the fake one you can see the black label with the size on it, also not being stitched very well.

5.The Box



Below you can find some fashion bloggers wearing GUCCI T-Shirt. Enjoy 🙂