Instagram Answer: NUMBER 1 IS FAKE

The good news is that Dior Saddle bag is back, the bad news is being one of the most wanted bags nowadays, the counterfeiting is inevitable and increasing especially for the bags who everyone loves. To help you have a better idea about the details of this bag and to know how to spot a fake Dior Saddle bag so no one would sell you a replica for an authentic, I’m showing you some tips to make the difference between them.


The first thing you need to look at is the shape of the bag. If you look carefully at both bags, the fake and the real one you will notice the difference. In the pictures below you will see that the color, material, and quality of the bags are the clues you have to focus on spotting the fake. As I mentioned in all the articles, once you are used with the authentic bag, in all the details, you will be able to make the difference when you face a replica. Let’s take a look at the pictures below.


As you know, Dior bags have their own charms that we all are so obsessed about. Here is another clue on verifying the authentic bag. The pictures below will help you create a better idea on what the real looks like and the difference from the replica. The gold of CD Charms, its color is the first thing we notice when we face the charms of a replica. Look carefully the pictures below and focus on how the authentic charms are and then it will be easy for you to spot the fake.


In every product, especially in the luxury goods, the stitching is one of the most important parts of the item, which tells you so much about its authenticity. Explaining the difference of the stitchings between a real and a fake bag with words would be hard for you to understand, so I’m posting these photos to make it easy for you. Take a closer look at the stitchings in all the parts of the bag and when you face them live you will be an expert on spotting the fake.


When it comes to the box and dust bag, you are very used to it as I explained these details at all the articles about spotting the fake. We shouldn’t skip this part, because if you can find something wrong with this element, you immediately will know that you are facing a fake bag. Be careful, sometimes the companies change the boxing so if they are different from the photos below it doesn’t necessarily means that it’s a fake product. Anyway, let’s take a look at the photos.



About the authenticity card, the numbers on the authenticity card are the style number for the bag you bought. I explained better at the article about Lady Dior. So take a look at it if you have any doubt about the card of your bag.


When it comes to this part, I preferred taking a lot of pictures to understand better because the replica is very good, it’s hard to explain the difference with words and harder for you to spot if the product you want to buy is authentic or fake. So I took photos in every angle and I hope to give you the idea and help to spot the fake. The shape of the sides, the writing, the logo of Christian Dior, the inside, the zipper, the leather, the stitching and other details you have to see the photos to understand better. Dior Saddle bag is very beautiful and there may be very good replicas out there so be very careful to catch the details.


A very important tip is the zipper, it could tell it all. Some fakes are easily spotted by the zipper as you will notice in the pictures below, but some others are close enough to the authentic so you need the picture to create an idea of how the real one is and don’t get fooled by the fake ones. So, look carefully at the stitching of the zipper of the Saddle Dior bag, the logo and the printing which should be very clear and regular, but the quality of the zipper would tell it all. The pictures will help you more than my words and even better when you have the Saddle Dior in front of you it would be easy to spot the fake. Until then look at the photos below.


All Dior products as every luxury product have their own date code, which is very important. The date code of the Dior bag will tell you the month and year the Dior bag was produced. It’s made of two numbers, two letters, four numbers (00-XY-0000). The letters indicate the factory and the numbers the date, week or the month or the year when it is produced, but these things change over the years so it depends. In the fake Dior saddle bags, the date code doesn’t match the year or other elements.


This is very difficult to explain because you have to feel it and the Saddle Dior bag as other Dior bags come in so many models, colors and leather so some pictures of Dior Saddle would help.


Some elements I may mention in the article of Lady Dior bag so take a look at that one so you will have a better idea in the end.

Here are some real Dior Saddle pictures