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How To Spot A Fake Dior Book Tote Bag

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INSTAGRAM: NUMBER 2 IS THE FAKE BAG. Hello, my dear friends. I hope you are doing well and having amazing vacations. Today, I am going to write an article about how to spot a fake Dior Book Tote…

How To Spot A Fake Christian Dior Saddle Bag

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Instagram Answer: NUMBER 1 IS FAKE The good news is that Dior Saddle bag is back, the bad news is being one of the most wanted bags nowadays, the counterfeiting is inevitable and increasing especially for the bags…

How To Spot A Fake Lady Dior Handbag

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NUMBER 2 IS THE FAKE DIOR BAG The Lady Dior handbag is the flagship of Dior. It was the favorite bag of Lady Diana. This bag is only sold in Dior boutiques which is more difficult to buy…