Are you daydreaming in your office about the brands and bags you have to get in your hands and believing that it will make a tremendous difference in your life? If yes, today we are sharing our favorite handbags under 2000 Euros from different brands. Keep in mind that although shopping in the beautiful Chanel and Dior shops is a whole experience, you can look out at different second-hand boutiques and get amazing prices for your favorite bags.

1. LouLou by YSL
Both sizes small and medium are perfect for all body types, it fits all your essentials and it looks so good. The leather that YSL uses is amazing, looks polished, and is long-lasting.
The Price for LouLou Small is 1690 €.
The Price for LouLou Medium is 1890 €.

2. Neverfull by Louis Vuitton
We had a lot of options from Louis Vuitton and although many of you would have picked Alma, we are definitely teaming Neverfull. You can use it for traveling, work, fits everything, even as a diaper bag. The bag looks good throughout the years, its price goes up, making it an ideal investment bag and it’s the perfect bag to start your brand collection. It comes in three different sizes and materials. The sizes are (PM, MM, GM), and the materials are(Monogram Canvas, Damier Azur Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas)
The Price for Neverfull GM is €1.200
The Price for Neverfull MM is €1.150
The Price for Neverfull PM is €1.100

3. DiorTravel Vanity Case bag by Dior
You are not only purchasing the feeling you get when unpacking your skincare and makeup from the vanity case, but also vanity cases are being used as everyday bags and they look so fashionable. If you are lusting for a Dior Bag we definitely suggest going after the DiorTravel Vanity Case.
The Price for DiorTravel Vanity Case is 1520 Euro

Peekaboo is that kind of bag that looks good on most people and is a mix between classic and casual. The thing about peekaboo is you can even find it in Fendi outlet shops, brand new and at discount. It’s the bag you will not regret purchasing and we just love the way peekaboos look.
The Price for Peekaboo pochette is € 1.980.

5. Re-edition by Prada
While everyone was going crazy over the Prada re-Edition nylon bag, we all were wondering, is it a trend or will this last? we have a feeling the Prada re-Edition nylon bag (and now also in leather) is not going away anytime soon. It is comfortable, fits only the essentials, and is great for everyday use or night-outs.
The Price for the Re-edition Nylon Bag is $895.
The Price for the re-edition Nylon bag with Chain is $1,490.
The price for re-edition leather is $2,050.

6. Chanel WOC mini(wallet on chain)
Chanel is the IT bag. It never gets out of style and its worth the investment because their prices tends to increase. If you dont want to spend so much for a bag and want a Chanel, we suggest you the Clasic WOC.
The price for Chanel Wallet On Chain is 2,300€

Keep in mind to take care of your bags, the more you do not only you get to use them for a long time, but you can resell them in second hand shops and get your value back, so invest in good bag pillows from Bagsential and check out our articles on taking care of your handbags.