Purchasing high-end luxury brands handbags started out as a way to splurge and spoil ourselves, but throughout the years buying luxury handbags became similar to investing in the stocks market. Prices of Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior go up each year and let’s not talk about limited editions that everyone wants to get their hands on. Today we are giving few tips on how to take care of your investments, prolong their life and keep them in the best shape possible throughout the years!

1. Be Careful
This goes without saying but sometimes people do need a reminder. Be careful and cautious around your bag, don’t throw it around, keep it in cool temperatures, be careful not to spill drinks, and watch out for color transfer. Just go one extra mile to take care of it, but in case that happens, remove the stain right away!

2.Invest in the right accessories
Besides spilling liquids on the bags, the main reason why bags devalues is that the bag becomes saggy does not hold up its shape and looks worn out. To prevent this invest in a good velvet BagPillow!
BagPillows help on prolonging the bag’s life, maintaining its shape, and making it look like just purchased for a long time. I tried so many and for me, Bagsential has the best and most luxurious BagPillows. You can buy the bag pillows to use while your bags are in your closet, or to fill the majority of your bag while you are going out. Needless to say, BagPillows are a must for every bag enthusiast and perfect for maintaining the shape of the bag.

3.Clean the exterior
Depending on how much you use the bag, once a week clean the bag with a white cloth and water mixed with a tiny amount of soap! Never use baby wipes, or vinegar, or any other home remedies that you might think of because it will pull out the color and dry the leather. Do the same on the interior of the bag to prevent dirt or bacteria which will result in making your bag look old and ruining the leather.

4.Take it to rehab once in a while

We usually wait until the damage is unrepairable and then expect a miracle, but bags don’t work this way. I wish I knew this before because my Chanel Classic Jumbo Lambskin looks worn out and damaged beyond repair! If I would have taken it to the leather repair shop earlier, my Chanel would look better than it looks today! Every time you scratch, or damage your handbag take it to repair as soon as you can.

5.Keep the interior organized

Most of us take everything in our handbags. Makeup, hand sanitizer, perfume, pen, and even a snack or a delicious beverage. All the items mentioned can spill and stain the interior of the bags so use pouches for your liquids or zip lock bags for your food to avoid any accidents and kiss the interior of your bag goodbye!

There are countless tips on how to take care of your bag but we thought of giving you the essentials! What product is a must for helping your bag stay perfect through the years? Let us know in the comments below.