Thinking of starting your own luxury collection, you are not alone. Spending thousands of hours on social media got us obsessed with luxury items, handbags, fancy shoes, and so on. Whether it is a healthy obsession it’s up for discussion another day, today we are suggesting our top picks to start your luxury collection.

1. Chanel Classic
It’s a must-have! If you are starting out and have few thousand dollars to spend, start with a classic Chanel, preferably Caviar skin, it is more long-lasting, it is a classic, looks good on everyone and with every outfit, and the prices increase almost every year! It’s an investment bag as well.

2. Any Kind of Hermes you can get your hands on
Whether it is Birkin, Kelly, Constance, or Picotin it is definitely an investment bag. They look amazing, you can resell them for a higher price on the second-hand market and it’s Hermes, do we need to say more? Make sure to get your Bagsential so your bag can be in perfect condition through the years!

3. Louis Vuitton Never Full
Your to go bag has to be Louis Vuitton Never Full! You can use it while traveling, as a diaper bag, work bag, fashion bag, etc. It is lightweight and will definitely be the most comfortable bag out of your whole collection.

4. Lady Dior
The one bag that can make the most simple outfit look posh and well thought. Looks elegant, beautiful, comes in a variety of colors and shapes and you will definitely not regret purchasing a Lady Dior!

5. Mini Jodie Bottega Veneta
We do have our doubts that all this hype around Mini Jodie will fade and we will look back on our photos and say: What the hell were we thinking?” But for now, we love it. How it looks, how we look wearing it, and we think it can be a nice add in your collection!

6. YSL LouLou
Definitely not for everyone, but this Yves Saint Laurent bag has a certain class! You look fashionable, professional and has great leather.

7. Prada Reedition
Maybe we are being completely subjective on this one, but we adore small bags and have been using the Prada one almost daily! So cute !

8. Chanel Trendy CC
We were debating on which one would we suggest more, the trendy cc or Chanel 19. Chanel 19 is a lovely bag, very delicate but different from others and an attention grabber, but on the other hand, Trendy CC is a must in your collection. Looks classy, but you can also wear it with casual looks, it is delicate but a bit more durable than the Chanel 19 and we just adore it!

9. Louis Vuitton OnTheGo
I love the small size and the medium one(PM,MM), but if you want to use it for traveling as well, the GM would be great. This bag has a clasic shape and you can wear it everyday in a comfy outfit or a serious one at the office. I would definitely recommend this one.

10. Chanel 19
What can I say for Chanel 19? It is comming out in a lot of beautiful colors that I feel like I need more than one.

These are the ones we suggest you need to start your collection! Let us know your suggestions and if you are ready for another list from BrandsBlogger!