Hello, my dear friends. I hope you are doing well and having amazing vacations. Today, I am going to write an article about how to spot a fake Dior Book Tote bag. Created by Maria Grazia Chiuri for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection and completed in a leather making atelier in Florence\Italy the tote bag in dimension 41,5 x 32 x 5 cm (13″H x 16″W x 2″D) and weight 0,9 kg(900 grams). It can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. The Book Tote Dior bag needs more than thirty-seven (37) hours of work to be done and requires more than 1.500.000 stitches to decorate by sewing patterns on it with thread.

You can customize the Christian Dior Book Totes with your name.

It comes in different colors and patterns and has different prices depending on the model.
The price for DIOR BOOK TOTE DIOR OBLIQUE BAG is $2,700 (2,100€),
Dior Book Tote bag in black smooth calfskin embossed with Dior Oblique costs ($3,700),
DIOR BOOK TOTE Earth Hand Painted Suede Calfskin ($4,300)
DIOR BOOK TOTE Butterfly Embroidered Canvas ($2,850).

You can buy the Book Tote at Dior boutiques but some of the models of this bag are sold out because it’s very useful and comfortable to travel with it for vacations as well and very fashionable to go out. Bloggers all around are going crazy over this bag, for this reason, it’s very difficult to find every color or model that you like.

As social media makes us love the Book Tote Dior bag and want it so bad, not all of us can afford it because it’s a little bit pricy, so a lot of counterfeits are produced. To help you understand better how to spot a fake Book Tote Dior bag so you don’t buy a replica instead of an authentic one, I’m writing some tips below.
Before I start explaining the differences between a real and a fake Dior Book Tote bag, I wanted to thank Eddie Fischer for helping me with the pictures of the real bag. You can visit her Instagram profile for many other beautiful pics.

The structure of a real Dior Book Tote is very strong and sturdy, whereas the fake is in very bad quality and it collapses easy. The authentic keeps its shape in every position, but I can’t say the same for the fake one. But let’s take a look at the pictures below. If you can see the difference in the colors between the real and the fake or font logo of Christian Dior, you will easily spot the fake. You have to be very careful more on what the real looks like, so you will spot the fake immediately. Focus on the writing of the Dior logo and the stitching of the Tote. An important part is the shape of the bag and in the comparison pictures, you will understand it better.

Everything is better when you see it yourself because even if I try to explain the differences, without the pictures it would be useless. make sure to spot the differences between the real and the fake Dior Book Tote in the back of the bag, the color, shape, Dior oblique canvas and the stitching. I know that sometimes this words may seem repetitive but these are the most important details you need to focus and create the idea of how a fake and authentic bag looks like, for this reason one of the pictures below is for demonstration of the authentic bag.

In the real Dior Book Tote bag, the sides are stitched perfectly and the stitching of the bag is outside not from the inside out. The shape of the authentic bag is very regular and you can notice it even from the sides of the bag, whereas the fake has a cheap looking and bad quality of the canvas.

In the real Dior Book Tote bag, at the bottom of the bag there is only oblique canvas no feet or something else, meanwhile in the fake one as you can see in the picture below is not like this sometimes. take a look at the picture to get a better idea.


The inside of the real Dior Book Tote bag has no ways of closing it, so it’s open and it has no zipper or any pockets, so sometimes may be a security risk even if the bag is deep you have to be careful. Inside the authentic Dior Book Tote, you can see the stitchings of ‘Christian Dior’ logo, whereas in the fake bag you see no sign of any writing so if you face a replica like the one in the photo below you will easily know you are looking at a replica instead of an authentic one.



The original bag has rolled handles with oblique canvas. It’s not so comfortable carrying it on the shoulder when you have a lot of things in it especially when you have a lot of weight on it and when the handles aren’t leather. Take a look at the pictures below for the details in both bags, the real and the fake Dior Tote Book. See the stitching and the shape of the handles.


The stitching of this bag is one of the most particular details of it. You have to see it live to have the best idea but I hope the pictures below will help you to identify a real Dior Tote book.

This bag is a piece of art in my opinion. The material, the canvas, the logo, every detail of this bag is art and it’s handcrafted in an amazing way. So the material says a lot if you wanna make sure that you are buying an authentic Dior Book Tote and not a replica. It’s very difficult for me to explain the material because you have to touch it to spot the difference with a fake one, but I’m trying to help you with the pictures and other details I’m explaining in the article.


The writing in the real Dior Book Tote bag is Christian Dior Paris ‘MADE IN ITALY’ because we said at the beginning of the article that the bag is produced in Florence. There are good replicas that may have the same exact writing and to spot the fake, you should focus on the size and the shape of the font. Another detail that you can see is this part of the bag, the leather of the label which is different in the authentic and very cheap in the fake bag. Let’s take a look at the photo below.


Dior uses letters and numbers both separated with a dash-(00-XY-0000) in their bags. Sometimes it’s very hard to spot the fake because there are some good replicas that do not make mistake on the numbers and letters of the date code, but they can not pay a lot of attention about the year the bag is produced and sometimes the date code is on 2015, that means the bag is fake because by that time Maria Grazia worked for Valentino. Anyway, you can see the color of the code in the real Dior bag is gold, and in the fake one is silver. The quality of the replica is very bad and without seeing the numbers you easily spot the fake. The letters are different, the size of the code and the leather shows you everything. take a look at the picture.

Another part that helps you to create a full picture on your mind of what you want to know and how to be an expert on spotting fakes, is even the dust bag and the box. I’m showing you how the real dust bag of Dior bag is so if you see a fake one, you will notice it right away.

Thank you so much, my dear friends, for reading my article. I hope it has been useful to you. If you want to know anything else, or need help for something you don’t understand, feel free to ask or suggest by commenting below. It would be very helpful for us and if you want to read more articles like this, subscribe to my blog. Below I’m posting some pictures of Dior Book Tote bag.