Hello guys, long time no see. Hope everyone is good and having a great time.
I found a new love this winter when I purchased the Chanel Classic Mini Rectangle in the second most beautiful color (after the Hermes Bloody Orange). The variety of colors makes it really hard to choose but I am very pleased with my decision.
The Price of the original Chanel Classic Mini Rectangle in Europe is 3500 Euro.
Today I will be comparing the original with a fake I stumbled across. Let’s take a closer look at the details.


The original is very elegant and the rectangle is very precise, the fake one is more of a square shape or irregular rectangle.

Keep in mind that Chanel chains are made with 24k gold and try to compare the weight of the chains. Although both of the bags weighed the same, there are medium replicas that do not put enough effort to replicate the weight of the chains. The cuts and stitches on the original are done very precisely and elegantly.

The stitches are very regular in the original and come in a straight line from the beginning to the end, in the fake one the stitches are not as regular and they disrupt and start at a new place.
The stitches on the original are the same color as the leather and it looks very good and looks like it is sewed from the inside.

The hole in the middle of the CC Logo is bigger at the original and a bit smaller in the fake. The CC is flatter and in a very good gold quality, whereas the fake is bulky, looks cheap and the color looks bad as well.
The leather on the CC Logo in the original is very symmetrical and on the fake one, it has an asymmetrical shape.
The hardware on the insight has the screws ( The screws that Chanel uses are flat or hexagon ) Both bags have flat screws, and when you touch them the fake Chanel is way harder and feels bad to the touch, and the hardware is also bigger than the real one.


a. Inside there are two pockets, one with a zip and the other without a zip. The Logo is written in a gold font, Chanel R, and made in Italy. The zipper is of high quality, has an engraved Chanel Logo, and makes a huge difference from the color and the engraved on the fake one, which is very easy to spot because of the bad quality.
Keep in mind that if the hardware is gold the inside writings are also gold.
b. On the bottom of the bag the stitches are nicely done, and also it is very tight, it does not have any loose leather or fabric like the replica, whereas in the fake you can see these differences.

The orange bag is real and the grey one is fake.
a.The Bottom
The number of quilting is the same in the real and the fake Chanel bag and the shape are not as regular on the fake one.
b. The Sides
The original is very delicate and holds up its shape. The quilting in the replica is not as symmetrical as in the authentic.
c. The Back
As you can see both the bags have a pocket and the shape of the original is perfect and looks symmetrical, at the fake one looks cheap and not on point. The sewing in the fake disrupts and does not go into a straight line. Also, the pocket at the fake one is bigger.
d. The Top
The authentic Chanel bag in total has two holes with gold hardware and a beautiful gold finish where the chain comes out and the fake one has four holes and a very matte and worn-out gold finish.

Both of the bags had authenticity cards, a matching code, and the same text. The difference is in the gold outline. The original has a thin and beautiful gold color, the fake one has a thick and very shiny gold color. The Chanel stamp reflects back on the original, and the fake one has a simple imprinted grey stamp. The code of the authenticity card matches the code inside the bag.
The font is very different as well, the original has elegant writing, and the fake one a very bold looking.

Thank you so much for reading our article and supporting our work. Did you like the comparison between the two bags and what else would you like to see? Leave a comment and check our Youtube video for more close-ups.