Hello, my dear friends. As a lot of you are waiting for this article in which I’ve been working a lot to help you know more about Louis Vuitton New Collection bag, in this case, OnTheGo. The LV bag named Onthego tote can be used for shopping, work or off for the weekend. With its capacity and oversized Monogram motif (contrasted with Mini Monogram trim), this modern carryall makes a punchy fashion statement. Articulated Toron handles and two shoulder straps ensure a comfortable carry, all day long. But as a lot of counterfeits are being produced and sold as authentic, I will write some tips for you below so you will not get frauded. Before starting with the comparison pictures between the real and the fake bag below, it will be better for you to have the idea on how the real bag is and its details in the article I wrote some times ago A Closer Look At Louis Vuitton Onthego bag

The first thing you can clearly notice is that the authentic holds its shape even though it’s empty inside while the fake one bends on the side. The pattern symbols in the real LV OnTheGo bag from the purple side have a neon green color whereas in the fake one it is yellow. One other thing you need to focus on is the color of the stitchings. In the authentic OnTheGo bag the thread color is the same as the pattern while in the fake you can easily see that the thread has a white color. Check the arrows and circles in the pics below to notice the differences between the replica and the real bag.


The colors of the two sides of the authentic Louis Vuitton ONTHEGO bag are Orange and Lilac. The monogram pattern on the orange side is more like a light pink and in the lilac side is like neon green, whereas in the fake bag it is usually white and yellow on the sides. Look carefully at the pictures below, focus more on the stitching color and the size of the pattern symbols. This model of LV bag comes in different colors as I mentioned in the detailed article “A closer look at the LV ONTHEGO bag”, so if you are looking at a bag with a different color then this one, focus on the authentic bag and spot the fake by looking at the bags the same way I’m explaining the tips in this article.


The same details as I mentioned in the above paragraphs you need to see at the bottom of the bag. The monogram details are perfectly put together in the authentic Louis Vuitton ONTHEGO bag, whereas in the fake one they are not symmetrical. You need to see the color and the stitching as well.

In the inside of the bag, the first thing you notice is the material of the liner and its color. Always compare the bag you are looking at with the authentic pictures that I always post on my articles like I said before the one that shows closer details of this bag in every color. The size of the pocket, the stitching and the quality of the zipper is very important as well.

The date code of the Louis Vuitton bags is more detailed in the article “Louis Vuitton Authentication Guide By Date Codes“. For anything, you need to know take a look at this article and you will easily understand if the date code of your bag is real or fake.

The label inside the OnTheGo bag is another part that can help you more on spotting a fake bag. The stitching of the label in the real Onthego bag is perfect. The stamped logo of the label is very clear, whereas in the replica it is like shady writing and with bigger font. To understand better take a look at the comparison picture below.

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