Hello, my dear friends. I hope you are doing well. Today I will write about Balenciaga Rainbow Hoodie. The Balenciaga’s hoodies are a little bit pricey so a lot of people can’t afford it so they buy the counterfeits. Preventing forgeries on people who want to buy online the authentic Balenciaga hoodie, I’m explaining to you some changes in details of a real and a fake hoodie that you need to know before buying one. The official price of the authentic Balenciaga rainbow hoodie Oversize fit is $ 950 and the sizes are XS S M L XL and they are mostly produced in Portugal. This black Balenciaga rainbow logo print hooded jumper is sensible and stylish enough to help you stand out from the crowd.


The first thing you notice in the pictures below is the shape of the hoodie. The authentic Balenciaga hoodie is very regular and looks perfect and you can’t say that for the replica.
The material of the real Balenciaga Rainbow Hoodie is 100% cotton and composition is 100% Polyester, whereas the fake hoodie looks cheap and the material is bad and not solid. The stitching as well is an important part of this shirt. Unlike the fake Balenciaga Rainbow Hoodie, the authentic one has perfect stitching, you can’t find anything wrong about it.
The Hood of the real Balenciaga shirt is with drawstring, meanwhile in the replica it is very irregular and can not preserve its shape because it doesn’t have strings. The authentic Balenciaga shirt has a hood with dual string pulleys, long sleeves with a straight hem.
The front kangaroo pocket in the authentic hoodie has a trapeze shape and again in the replica is not a regular trapeze. The logo in the front is another step I will discuss below in more details.

In the back of the Balenciaga shirt you will notice the differences of the hood that I explained before between the real and the replica Balenciaga Rainbow hoodie. To understand better look at the pictures below, the hood and the stitching in the end of the hoodie.


Below you can perfectly see how the shape is preserved in the real Balenciaga hoodie and you can spot a little difference between the authentic hoodie for men and women.

4. THE LOGO print (Font,color and embroided)

The authentic hoodie has a Rainbow BB Balenciaga logo embroidered on the front, but the fakes have a stamped Rainbow BB Balenciaga logo or even if it is embroidered you can notice the difference in the colors of the real and the replica in the pictures below. The font of the Balenciaga logo is perfect at the real hoodie, whereas in the replica is irregular.


Some replicas do not have the label at all, and even if they have it sometimes it is scratched and cheap. It’s very difficult to say if a hoodie is real or fake only by the label, so you have to check all the steps I mentioned before and below. Look carefully the pictures to get the idea of how the authentic labels look like in the Real Balenciaga hoodie for men and women.


When you buy a Balenciaga product make sure to take the invoice. If you don’t have the invoice then you are buying a replica. The hoodie is wrapped with Balenciaga paper. The box has a good quality and you can feel it when you have the product in front of you.

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