Today I will talk with you about How To Spot A Fake Double G Gucci Belt. Gucci Double G belt. Size 90 costs 350 EURO. This belt is a little bit pricey, so a lot of people can’t afford it and they search a replica version of it. Unfortunately, nowadays fake products are growing fast and sometimes they copy the product so good that a lot of people were misled and ended up buying a fake belt in case of a genuine one. To help anyone who is concerned about what product are they going to buy I’m going to show you guys the differences between an authentic and replica Gucci Double G belt. As time passes a lot of models changes and not all the belts are the same, even replicas are different, but if you look carefully at the real one at my pictures it would be easy for you to identify an authentic belt immediately.

1. The box and Dust bag

The fake belt sometimes is whiter than the authentic and the discoloration of Gucci letters makes the difference once again in the box. Same thins is can be said also for the dust bag. As I mentioned above, some elements change in time but the latest authentic Gucci dust bag can be seen at the picture below.

Gucci stump at the dust bag

Authentic Gucci box and dust bag

2. Stitches

If you look at the pictures you will notice that an authentic Gucci belt has very regular and parallel stitches.

3. The Double G

The Double G shape, which is the best and the most notable part of the belt has a very particular shape and color and if you are careful on this elements than you will be an expert on spotting fakes. I’m going to show you the front and back part of Double G sign, to make sure that nobody will be able to fraud you into buying a fake belt.

Shape & Color

In the back of the Double G belt buckle, the real one has nothing, in some replicas there is a code. So if you see any writing in the back of the buckle, probably it is a fake.

4.The Pin of the Buckle

I’m posting some Real/Fake images to make it easier for you to spot the differences.

5. The Screw Hold of the Loop

The loop is meant to keep the end of the strap in place and the screw hold is a metallic part. To make it easy for you take a look at the pictures, in the authentic Gucci belt the color is gold while in the fake it is silver. Probably there might be a lot of replicas that may have the bottom in a golden color but if you look carefully how the authentic looks you can spot easily the fake.

6. The Code

In the inside part of the belt there is an authenticity code, but it doesn’t mean that if a Gucci belt has this code it’s authentic, because even good replicas very similar to the original one can have a code, but for this reason look carefully at the picture below. The size of letters, the writing, in the authentic and the replica is very different.

A closer look to the authentic belt code

7. The Material

In this photos I’m showing you an authentic and a replica belt in which you can notice the quality of the leather of the authentic and how different it is from the fake one. An other thing you need to know is that at the end of the strap in an authentic belt there is nothing written in it, but in some replicas you can find a writing, like in this case that it’s written Gucci. Take a look.

A closer look at the authentic belt. Look carefully the leather and the stitching.

Here are some outfits with the Double G Gucci Belt

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