Hello my friends. As many of you are Yeezy lovers, I will show you how to spot the fake adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra. It is very difficult to notice the difference between a real and a fake Yeezy shoe these days as the replicas are getting more and more like the authentic one. So let’s start with some tips you need to know before buying your favorite Yeezy. After this article I will help you with different Yeezy models and their differences between the real and replica so you will not buy fake sneakers for the real ones. The price for Yeezy zebra if you get them online at Adidas website, which is very difficult because they are very limited, is $220. If you are not lucky enough to get them immediately at the site, different resellers will sell them with higher price. To be sure you are paying for authentic Yeezy and not fake lets start reading the tips below.


When you look at the pictures below, you easily can spot the differences in the sole of each Yeezy. The sole of the real shoe looks straight, whereas the fake one is a bit wavy. The Writing is bigger and thicker in the authentic yeezy and in a better quality, but in the fake it is smaller and thinner. A small difference can be noticed in the top and the back shape of the shoe. The laces are thicker in the authentic and in a different position, meanwhile in the replica are not. You can spot the difference better by touching them, to feel the material, but the photos are helpful as well.


If you look carefully at the picture, you will see that the top of the authentic is more pointed than the replica, which is more rounded.


The sole in the back is higher and more regular in the authentic, and the stitchings are perfect, whereas in the fake one you hardly notice the stitching. Take a look at the picture to get the idea better.


The insole of the real Yeezy shoe is of a very good quality material, whereas the fake Yeezy has a cheap material and in a whiter color than the authentic.
In the Real shoe The writing label is sharper and perfect, which is not at the fake one.

I did pointed the differences with arrows, the yellow arrow inside the tongue of the shoe, shows that the line is glued not with stitching like in the fake Yeezy.


This part of sneakers is very difficult to tell which is the real and the fake, but I did demostrate with the picture below.

The bottom of the shoe shows the shape and the quality of the sole. The authentic is perfect in every detail. For example the triangle is regular in the real Yeezy, but not in the replica. The end of the sole is wider in the fake shoe. Look carefully the photo below to catch all the details and have a better idea on how the real shoe looks like.

The engraving of the Adidas label is bigger and deeper in the authentic. You hardly can see what is written in the fake shoe.

Here you can see better the shape of the triangle and the engraving which is more visible and in a very regular font in the authentic Yeezy Zebra sneakers. We can’t tell this for the fake one.

When we look at the photo, the stitching showed by the arrows tells more about the differences in the quality between the real and the fake. The authentic Yeezy have a very regular stitching, which is visible not like the replica.