If you can see the shape of the fake Gucci sneaker, in the back it’s slightly bent, whereas the authentic is a very regular and beautiful shape. The laces part is another difference you need to focus on. To get the idea better let’s take a look at the pictures and tips below.

When it comes to stitching, you can easily spot the real and fake sneakers only by looking at every part of the shoe. to make it easy for you, I circled with a different color every change between the real and the replica Gucci sneaker. Look carefully the quality and the perfection the real Gucci is made of and of course, I can’t tell the same for the fake one.

The outsole is very difficult to tell you the difference but if you take a closer and focus on the changes that I’m showing you with the arrows you will see how elegant in every detail of the authentic Gucci ace sneaker. The stamp, logo stamp, and the stripes can help you spot a fake Gucci shoe when you see one. So, as I mentioned in other articles before, keep in mind the details of the authentic sneaker and any replica you will face you will easily make the difference. Look at the Gucci logo stamp in the outsole of the shoe. The font and the size of it are different. In the replica ‘Gucci’ logo is thicker than the real sneaker and it’s not written in a regular square as in the authentic one. To understand better I’m bringing the picture to you. Have a look below.

The green part in the back or it can be the red one or the blue depending on the type of the sneaker you are buying is very important when comes to spotting the fake. The material looks cheap, it is irregular and has a darker green color in the replica, whereas in the authentic GUCCI sneaker every detail is in order, is perfectly put together. The ‘Gucci’ writing in the real sneaker is smaller than in the replica. I love so much these sneakers and I’m sure that most of you have them, but for anyone who is thinking to buy some please make sure to look carefully at these details. Let’s take a look at the pictures below.

This is easily spotted in the photos below. The embroidered bee is amazingly perfect and beautiful at the authentic Gucci sneaker, whereas in the replica you hardly notice if that is a bee or something else. Lol.

The stamped Gucci logo, in the authentic sneaker¬†is quite invisible and bigger than the replica and so is the ‘made in Italy’ writing.

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