The sold out online Balenciaga Triple S are highly demanded and a little bit pricy, so such a thing brings the use of many counterfeits. To help everyone of you to spot easily the replicas of these kind of sneakers, I will share some tips so you can check the authenticity of the Balenciaga’s you may want to purchase. The price of ‘Balenciaga Triple S’ is ($950).

Look at the back of Triple S sneakers, the leather quality is not up to scratch and the edges of the leather trim are too rough. Where the white mesh touches the highest midsole there are glue stains on the fake that aren’t seen on the authentic shoe. The positioning of the “Balenciaga” at the bottom appears to be too low down as well. Look carefully the pictures below to see all the details, the stitching in the back, the leather and the sole with the ‘Balenciaga’ engraving.

Closer look of the bottom in the back. In the photo below pay attention at the position of the engraving, leather or material and the font.

Sometimes this is a little bit tricky to tell the whole differences when it comes to the best replicas, but it can help you spot the fake if you know very good how the real shoes look like. The embroidery on the authentic Balenciaga Triple S is thicker, take a look at the pictures below and you will know better for what I’m talking about.

Lastly you can find a higher standard on the authentic shoes, smoother edges and clean cut lace holes. The stitches there can make the real difference. Pay attention to the photos Im sharing because they help you more than my words.

The pictures below will help you to understand better the differences and focusing more on the details of the authentic sneaker, you will find easily the way to spot every replica. look carefully the heel details, the sides, the stitching and everything else than you can find important on the product you want to purchase.

The tongue text is an other detail that will help you concluding with a better result this guide of authentication. The text Triple S in the tongue of the shoe is difficult to tell if a pair of shoes are fake when it comes to very good quality replicas, but it can be helpful once you look carefully at the real ones. I hope the pictures below will help you to understand better.

The stitches is an element that we mentioned in every article of spotting the fake, because is very important and helpful for making sure what you are about to buy. When we check at all the points and details that I mentioned in this article, we cant let pass this part of the product, so you have to check the stitches for sure. Let’s look the picture.

Sometimes we can catch the replica only by looking at the box and dust bag of the bag, in case that the fake one is not very similar of the authentic. If it is so we have to make sure to check all the details i mentioned above.


Look at the font on the ‘Balenciaga’ logo inside, you can easily spot the differences between the real and the fake. There are some real Balenciaga Triple S sneakers that have the number of the shoe in the insole, whereas some others don’t. In the photos below you have one picture of the comparison of a replica and an authentic shoe and the other photo is the insole in the real ‘Balenciaga’.

The picture below is of the authentic shoes.

The sole is very important part in the authenticity journey when it comes to Baenciaga Triple S Trainers. The details of the sole that you should remember well to spot fake trainers are the shape of the bottom, the color and the ‘balenciaga’ logo engraving. If you get used with the image of the real ‘Balenciaga’ Triple S Trainers then you will easily know when you face a replica. Let’s take a look at the pictures below.


The color of these sneakers is very important, even if there are some fake real similar to the authentic. Make sure to always check the colors of authentic and any other shoes you want to buy so you can tell if you are about to buy a real or a replica shoe. I will help you by sharing other authentic pictures of the trainers. Some of the colors below are new colors of ‘Balenciaga’ Triple S.

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