Hello my dear friends. Today I decided to write an article about the Gucci Web belt with G buckle. As everyone of us, in an everyday use the belt is very important especially when it comes to Gucci belt that all of us want but not all of us can afford. To help you spotting the fake Gucci belt I’m explaining some tips below. Let’s go.



The buckle is the first thing you see in the Gucci belt. I talked before about another Gucci belt model so for every doubt you can read the article of Double G Gucci belt, because the most important details are very similar in every product of the brand. Authentic Gucci belt buckles are typically soldered onto the larger portion of the belt, while Fake Gucci belts often have clip on belt buckles. This model of authentic Gucci belt doesn’t include a button holding the belt buckle in place.
Some models may have screws on the back of the belt buckle and some others don’t. We need to check the specifics of each model to end up in conclusions, but the most important things that I mentioned in every article will help you spot the fake immediately.


The stitching of the Gucci belt should be in a high quality as the product itself, it should be regular and clear. You pay a high price for Gucci belt so every detail has to be perfect and the size of one stitch should match or be exact the same as every other stitch. I hope that the pictures will give you a better idea.


When it comes at the material is a part of the belt that you can easily notice when you touch the product or if you see any imperfections on the new Gucci belt you probably are facing a fake but I’ll try to help you with the pictures below.

The stamp of Gucci belt is sometimes in the center of the inside of the belt (in old models usually) or near the buckle(in the newer models). The stamp is the name of the brand that is Gucci, and Made in Italy. Under the stamp is the serial number that I’ll explain below.

An authentic Gucci serial number should be 21 digits long, the writing, the shape and size of letters are the differences you should notice between a real Gucci belt and a fake one.


The edges are very notable, so the shape and the stitching of the edges can tell you so much, but for a better idea I have the photos to demonstrate the difference.


We have seen this clue in any article of luxury products. The differences in the packing and the receipt of Gucci belt are quite the same as other Gucci products. You can spot the fake from the dust bag,the box or receipt, by the letters, writing or the color of Gucci logo.