Hello, my dear friends. It’s been a while since I wrote any articles in this blog, but a lot has happened in my life.
Today I will discuss Hermes Birkin 25, the most wanted bag on the planet.
The obsession with the Birkin 25 continues to grow and the demand on the resell market is higher than ever.  Due to this high demand, the fake Birkin 25 has been perfected and
have become harder to distinguish from the real ones.

Today I will show you a few tips that I’ve been working on, that can help you identify if the Birkin bag is Real or Fake.
After reading this article you will be able to authenticate them by yourselves and show you side-by-side details to become a pro at spotting the fake Hermes Birkin.
These are the things you have to look for when trying to spot a fake Hermes Birkin bag.

Hermes Birkin bags are expensive luxury items, and the price should reflect that. The Price for Hermes Birkin 25 in Togo leather in 2023 is 8050€. If the price seems too good to be true, be careful because you may be facing fraud. Be cautious of sellers offering Birkin bags at a steep discount.


The first thing you notice when spotting a fake Birkin is the shape. In the photo below you can easily spot the fake. The edges of the bag in the authentic Birkin (in our case the Birkin 25) are more round, whereas the fake Birkin has sharp, pointy, square-looking edges.

The Size of the Real Hermes Birkin 25 is (20x25x13)

20 cm tall, 25cm wide, and 13 cm deep, are the real sizes of Hermes bags, so the first thing you have to do on the road of authentication is to measure the bag you are looking at. After this step you have a long road ahead in other details that will help you spot the Fake.

Another difference you will notice is how the fake Birkin is more saggy and floppy. The authentic Birkin holds its shape better and looks firmer.

The feet of the Hermes bag can not be spotted on the original Birkin, you can spot a modest silhouette. You can spot the feet of the fake Birkin a mile away, giving it a more sturdy look.

Details of the real Birkin 25
To help you to be an expert in authentication I tried to capture specific parts of the Real Birkin, so the first moment you will see a fake bag you will immediately make the difference.


Let’s take a look at how the bags look on the side. The authentic one is more wide, firm, and has a better shape than the fake one. The fake one is narrow, the shape is irregular, and does not have an extra piece of leather like the one formed in the authentic one. The edges are more triangular on the authentic Hermes, whereas the fake Birkin has rounder edges on the side. Always make sure to check the piping. Hermes uses the best leather and the leather in the piping is no different. The piping in the original one is sewn perfectly, and it looks like it is an extension of the leather. The piping in the fake Birkin looks like it is added on, cheap, and gets scratched very easily. For a better understanding, you have to look carefully at all the photos and the details.


I mentioned some differences when I talked about the Shape, but here I put together both photos of the front of the Birkin bag, open and closed. What else do you notice?

The Flap of the Real Birkin is a very important step in verifying the authenticity and quality and it will help you spot the fake once you view it carefully in detail. The shape of it, the stitching, the leather quality, the round cuts, and the piping method which is very obvious in the authentic bag, are very important details. I will show you later on in this article every part of the Hermes Birkin bag.

The authentic Birkin has a rectangular shape, starting bigger at the bottom and getting slightly more narrow on the way up. The fake Birkin looks more like a square with equal sides.

The Handle and the straps are another part of the front of the Birkin 25 that have to be taken into consideration while you try to spot a Fake bag.


What is the first thing you notice looking at the bottom of the Birkin bag? The size!
The fake Birkin is smaller in size compared to the real one (always make sure to measure your Hermes Birkin). The leather straps in the bottom of the original bag are thinner, more elegant, and stitched perfectly. The fake leather straps on the bottom are shorter and wider, and the feet of the bag are not placed precisely in the middle as they are in the original Birkin. You can also tell by looking at the metal feet of the Birkin bag, but I will get to that below in detail about Clous(Birkin’s feet)!


Let’s take a look at the back of the Birkin 25 Real and Fake. Let’s Star with the handles. At the fake Birkin 25 the quality and the shape of the handles looks cheap and really ugly, whereas, in the Real bag, it’s perfect. The back of the straps and handles in the authentic Hermes Birkin is very regular, carefully made, and beautiful. It is pure luxury made by artisans. But in the fake Birkin, we can’t say the same. The stitching and the irregular shape of the back of the straps look cheap and have horrible quality. The shape in the back of the bag overall is again different from the fake to the real as I mentioned multiple times before and I will continue to explain again below.

The parts you can spot in the Inside part of the Birkin are:
The pockets, the zipper, the inside stitching of the straps and handles, the stamp code(which I will write in more detail below), the bottom of the inside, and more.  The gold of the zipper in the authentic Hermes bag is yellow gold, looks very beautiful and expensive, whereas the fake is orange gold, very shiny, and looks cheap. The zipper in both of the bags ends with an H. Let’s have a look.

The font of the head of the zipper and the engravement in the Authentic Hermes bag.

Hermes Birkin bags feature high-quality hardware that is made of precious metals such as gold or palladium. The hardware should be heavy and feel solid. A fake Birkin bag may have lightweight or plastic hardware that looks cheap. In the real Birkin bag, The writing on the Plaque is engraved and the font is very elegant. The fake Hermes bag has an orange-gold and is very shiny in all the metallic parts of the bag. For more details take a look at all the photos below.





Each letter of the logo stamp in the authentic Birkin bag is very symmetrical and regular. The size of the font is bigger than in the replica. If you take a closer look you will notice that the distance from row to row of the signature stamp is equal in the Real Hermes bag. In the fake Birkin, the writing is messy and ugly, there is no symmetrical distance and it looks so cheap. ‘MADE IN FRANCE ‘ in the replica is totally messed up. The writing in the Real Birkin is so perfect that looked like engraved and the color is more like light gold, whereas in the Fake Birkin 25, The writing is stamped and the color is more yellow gold.


An authentic Hermes Birkin bag will have a date stamp and depending on the year where it is produced, it could be on the interior leather lining that includes the Hermes logo, a craftsman ID number, and a year stamp or inside the Plaque in the straps. A fake Birkin bag may have a poorly executed stamp, with inconsistent lettering or missing information. The placement of the numbers and letters(the distance from the screws) is different in the authentic Birkin bag and replica. The demonstration is in the photos below. The stitching, the font, and the size of the date stamp are other elements that should be considered in the process of authentication. The location,  color of the gold, and size of the screws are other details that help you spot a fake Birkin bag.



Another part of the Birkin bag is the feet of the bag. and those can help you authenticate the bag if you study them well.  Look how the real and the fake change in the color of the gold and its quality and in the shape of the feet.


I’m showing you the real Padlock and keys and how they look, their quality helps you spot the fake immediately because this is a part where the replicas are very obvious.


The number one thing you should know about the stitching is Hermes bags are hand sewn, and all fakes are machine sewed. In the authentic Hermes bag, the stitches are more angled, they do not come in a perfectly straight line. (Check the photos for the difference between machine and hand-sewn products)

Hermes Birkin bags have precise, uniform stitching that is evenly spaced and perfectly straight. A fake Birkin bag may have uneven, loose, or crooked stitching.

The fake stitches are very sloppy and might even stick out but in the authentic Birkin, the stitching is very regular and symmetrical. It looks almost perfect, pure luxury. Take a look at the photos below. I’m pretty sure you will easily spot a fake Birkin after this article.


Flap and Straps are other details that should be controlled in the Hermes Birkin bag to spot the fake.


The Handles of the Real Hermes Birkin bag are very symmetrical, and very elastic even though they stand straight and firm. The quality of the leather is smooth and has a mat finish, not unlike the fake bag in which the leather is very shiny, the shape of the handles is more round than the real bag, and the stitching is of very bad quality.


Here is how the Tiret and clochette look in the real Hermes bag. if you are facing anything different than this then be careful because you may be facing a fake bag.


This is a real Invoice from Hermes boutique. There are other authentic Hermes Birkin invoices. This doesn’t mean that if it is not like this it is fake.


Authentic Hermes uses high-quality leather, which is soft, super smooth, supple, and has a natural sheen. A fake Birkin bag uses lower-quality leather, which may be stiff, shiny, very textured, and look artificial.

You can also distinguish the fake from the authentic just by their Smell. The authentic Birkin should have a leathery scent, whereas the fake has a plastic and chemical scent.

20 25 13


When buying a new Hermes Birkin 25 bag, the packaging is very important.


This is how a real bag box should look like, the color details and the logo. Look carefully to have a sharp eye when spotting a fake bag. If you look at the second picture, you will see the difference in the orange color of the bag boxes and in the logo.


If you are buying a new bag from a reseller, inside the packaging there is a raincoat the keys and padlock, and this book. Take a look at it for more information when sporting a fake Birkin bag.

Let’s take a look at the box which is an important part of the packaging and the authenticity of the Hermes bag. A collector could tell them apart by the depth of the shade, the grain, the logo, and the band around the edges. The cardboard is made from 100% recycled materials. invisible to the eye The authentic Hermes Birkin bag when in contact with fluorescent light it looks like in the second photo below. The bag box is full of the Hermes logo.  In the fake box, this can’t happen. Below there are two photos of the authentic Hermes bag box.

The Logo of the dust bag  in the Real Birkin bag and in the Fake Birkin bag. The most obvious thing to be noticed is the color of the logo in the fake dust bag and the logo itself is very different from the logo in the real dust bag.

This is how the real dust bag is, in all the details.

I hope this article was helpful because I really tried to catch all the details carefully.
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