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Hope you are having a great time.  I’m happy to announce that we have just created our forum so we can discuss any questions about fashion, brands and everything else. Please make sure to subscribe so you won’t lose any article. Today I will be talking about Louis Vuitton backpack Palm Spring mini, which is very hard to get as you might know. I love this bag and the way it fits with everything. It is sporty and gives you a fresh look.  This charming model comes in Monogram canvas and monogram reverse canvas. The first one is crafted from Monogram canvas with soft leather trim and gold-tone hardware and the second one with monogram reverse canvas. The straps in the back of the bag can be positioned in different ways, for shoulder or cross-body wear. The price of the bag is 1450€ and to be fair it is a little bit pricy, so most of the people can’t afford these luxury items so they wait for discounts to buy them and that’s where the problem begins, because a lot of vendors keep selling good quality replicas of the mini Palm Spring for authentic. But how can you know if you are facing a fake bag when the imitations nowadays are becoming identical with the real ones? To help you have a better idea of how the real bag is and don’t let anyone fool you, I’m giving you some tips on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini. My very big advice is to know the details of the real product good so every time you face a replica, you will know, even if it is the best quality. Let’s start.

Starting from this part of the bag the first thing you will notice comparing a real and a replica Louis Vuitton bag is their shape. The shape of the authentic Palm Spring is very regular meanwhile the replica is very messy and irregular. The color of the real bag is very beautiful and you can see the difference in the picture below. The LV letters in the real bag are perfectly symmetrical and do not run diagonally like in the replica. The quality of the leather in the real bag is very good and genuine, it is not rough leather like it is in the fake, even though you can’t tell it only by looking at the photo because you have to touch it and feels the difference. The shape of the Outside zipped front pocket, the stitching and the monogram which lines up perfectly, are amazing in the real bag, whereas in the fake Palm Spring every detail has a bad quality. The stitching of an authentic Louis Vuitton bag has to be in an unbroken and consistent line, if you see a double stitching part of the bag then you are looking at a replica.


Look at the side of the bag. The shape is the first easy thing you immediately notice as soon as you see the photo below. But take a look at the stitching and as you can see, in the real Palm Springs mini the stitching is perfect and not visible as in the fake bag.


When you see the back of this bag everything seems perfect. The authentic Louis Vuitton Palm Spring mini is amazing, every detail is perfectly put together, The LV letters, the lining, the stitching, the straps and the monogram canvas in the most small detail is perfect, whereas in the replica nothing is in the right place, everything is irregular and is way too far from the original. The 2 removable adjustable leather shoulder straps in the authentic bag has perfect stitching and genuine leather. They have gold color hardware, whereas the fake straps are plastic in most of the time and the hardware is not as beautiful as in the real bag. The pictures below speak themselves.

Like the other parts of the bag, even at the bottom, you should focus on the stitchings, LV letters and leather. The Leather scarf loop is firm and smaller in the authentic bag. Be careful at every detail so you won’t get confused when you face other replicas.


The stitching on the inside of the authentic Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini bag is suede and it doesn’t contain a lining and the label inside has no stitching, whereas the fake has different shape of the label and the stitching is in a bad quality. The real Louis Vuitton bag has The Inside flat pocket but not all the replicas have it. So if the bag you are looking at doesn’t have an inside flat pocket than that’s a fake bag.
Sometimes in the fake, you can find a misspelling of the brand’s name, for example: is written ‘Louis Vuiton’ not “Louis Vuitton”. Take a look at the pictures below and see the quality of the leather and the label inside.

6. THE DETAILS(straps, zipper, hardware, logo)

The straps of the Louis Vuitton authentic bag are made with soft cowhide trim with foam backing, whereas the replicas are plastic, not genuine leather.
The leather of the Top handle for hand carry in the replica is in very bad quality and so is the stitching on it. Meanwhile in the authentic Palm Springs, the Top handle is perfect in every detail.

The Zippers should be working in order and the have to be the best quality like in the real Louis Vuitton Palm spring bag. If you see any detail that is not on its place ore irregular stitching aside the zipper these are other reasons to know that you are facing a fake. The shape of the head of the zipper in the fake bag at the pictures below, is bigger and different from the original bag . So look carefully at the gold color hardware to have the idea of how the authentic bag is made of, and that will ease things in the guide of authentication for you.

The Logo on the leather in the outside front pocket is badly written and the letters ‘Louis Vuitton’ in the fake bag is bigger and ugly, whereas in the authentic the font and the writing of the logo are perfect. The leather where the logo is written is in the best quality in the authentic Louis Vuitton backpack and is in completely different size, shape, and quality in the replica. Take a look at the picture.

We have talked about the date code of Louis Vuitton bags in other articles as well.
Here you can find everything about Louis Vuitton date codes and this article will help you spot the fake bag when they use a fake date code. Louis Vuitton Authentication Guide By Date Codes.

I always gave you examples about the box and the dust bag in the real and the fake bags of Louis Vuitton. The Dust bag is made of soft cotton and the stitching is on the inside.
Replicas have the stitching visible on the outside of the dust bag. The Louis Vuitton writing in the box and the dust bag is different but in the good replicas is very hard to spot the difference, but when you pull all the tips that I explained together than you will be sure if the product you are facing is a real Louis Vuitton Palm Spring mini backpack or a replica. Louis Vuitton products come with authentication cards or receipts that display the customer’s name and address.

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