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Today I’m going to talk about Chanel wallet on Chain. How you can spot a fake WOC.
If you have ever wondered how a Chanel WOC Replica looks like, today you can compare and learn how to spot the differences between the replica and the real WOC.


The Chanel WOC Caviar skin retails for 2500$.
It is so convenient to use for daily use as a crossbody bag or in the evening as a clutch. We are also doing a video so you can take a closer look and see what you can fit inside.
Let’s start with the tricks and tips you need to know before buying a WOC.

The replica is supposed to be lambskin and it is a bit different from the real WOC because of its shape (it is a bit bigger than the real Chanel). Take a closer look at the pictures to get an idea of how the real one looks like so you will find it easy to spot a replica.

On the back, you can find a pocket on both of the Chanel. The replica has a bigger pocket and not symmetrical. To be able to understand this you have to look at the symmetry of the quilting. The stitching on the real WOC goes in straight lines(look at the yellow circle), whereas in the fake when it disrupts it does not continue on the straight line anymore. The red arrow shows the difference between the corners of the bags. The real WOC bag has a more rounded corner. The blue arrows show the pocket shape, the stitching, and again the asymmetrical line of the quilting.

The main thing to understand about the stitching is that in the real Chanel you can hardly notice the stitching. It is the same color as the bag and done precisely so you can not even feel it when you touch it. On the replica, you can see the stitching first because of the color which is not like the leather of the bag, second, because of the quality, and you can certainly feel it as well.

To start with the logo is quite different, on the replica, it is not very symmetrical and the C’s are way “thinner” compared to the real thing. You can also see that the quality of gold and the color on the real Chanel and the gold to grey undertones on the Replica which looks really cheap.

You can compare the inside logo by looking at the font. The replica has stamped writing, way bigger, and with huge differences in the letters. The original has an engraved logo, smaller, and doesn’t have much space on the letter.

The real Chanel WOC has the zipper in a regular and straight shape whereas in the fake the zipper is not in a straight line(red arrow).
The leather on the head of the zipper is very different as you can see in the pictures(yellow arrow).
The stitching on the original is almost invisible and perfect whereas on the replica it is not(blue arrow).

The leather inside the Chanel where the chains are held is very different. In the Replica, you can find loose leather and on the authentic, the leather is in its place and very tight.
The chains weight differently, because the Replica has not real gold.
Another difference is the width of the chain, the authentic has wider chains and the replica has more narrow chains. I’m posting some photos so you can get the idea of these differences better.

For the inside authenticity code, in the original, you have eight numbers of the authenticity code and two Chanel logos, whereas in the fake one you have this and Chanel written on the sides of the code.

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