Hello my dear friends. Today I will try to help you how to spot the GUCCI Rhyton sneakers. These shoes are the trend of the moment and seems like everyone loves them. As any other product, even these sneakers have their replicas and thats the reason Im showing you today some tips that you should be very careful and attentive before buying online or in other stores that ore not official Gucci sites or shops.

1. The Shape
The first thing you need to look at is the shape of the shoes. The image below will help you understand better the differences between the real and the fake one. Once you are sure about how the real look like it will be very easy to spot the fake.

2. The Color Of The Logo
The logo on the sides of GUCCI Rhyton is very important and one of the things you should focus on is the color of it. Of course the writing, the size of logo and the font is very important but we will talk about the logo details again in this article. Take a look at the photos below because the differences you find in them are very helpful.

3. The Back
Other detail of the trainers that you should focus, is the back of the shoes. Look at the engraving in the real and replica. That sometimes could be tricky because there are replicas that are very similar to the original and it is very hard to spot the fake. But once you know how the authentic look like as we said before, you will be an expert in spotting the fake.

4. The Stitches
Where the soles meet the toe area at the front, pay attention to the stitches and the smoothness of the sole edges. For a better idea look at the pictures.

5. The ‘Gucci’ Stamp on the top of the Shoe Tongue
The Gucci logo stitched on the shoe tongue is a little difficult to spot when the replicas are very good, but It’s an important detail that you should look at.

6. GG Logo on The Side
As we mentioned before the GG logo is one of the most helpful details of spotting the fake. The first thing you should check is the color and the gucci prints which are bolder and sharper in the authentic shoe. Look at the pictures below to understand better.

7. The Sole
Other part of the shoe is the sole and it can be very helpful when it comes to find the differences between the fake and the real shoes.
The engraving “GUCCI made in Italy” at the sole is a little bit hard to tell if you are facing a replica of the Gucci sneakers, because there are replicas that are very similar to the authentic, but when you have checked the other details that I mentioned in the article its a plus to get the full picture.

8. The Box And Dust Bag
These are details that we have mentioned even in other articles of How to spot fake Gucci products. The photos below show you the differences you need to know.



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