Hello my dear friends. Hope you are having a great summer.
Today I decided to talk to you about Hermès Oran sandals. You have seen almost all the bloggers and everyone who loves fashion wearing Hermès Oran sandals. I love them as well. They are chic and timeless! Here is the story behind this sandal. Oran, named after a city by the beach in Algeria, was born in 1997. Like the most designs of Hermès, one day a middle east client walks in the store looking for a unique sandal in leather to wear by the beach so he can be able to walk freely, dress back and forth from the beach to his yacht. It took Hermès a year to come out with the sandal and he order 5 pairs. It was another year later that Oran was launched for women, only in gold, the legendary gold that NEVER changes. Today Hermès Oran sandals comes in different colors. They are the perfect summer/vacation/beach sandals. The price for these sandals is 480€ or $650. Before I start with the guide to the authentication, I want to thank my dear friend Kinneret for helping me on this article with her pictures of the original Oran sandals. Now Let’s take a closer look to the details between the real and the fake Oran Sandals.


The material of the authentic Oran Hermès sandals is box calf skin leather. The leather is soft but still very firm and when you put the sandals on, you can feel how soft the leather is. I love this sandal because it’s very comfortable, but is also really firm and its going to keep its shape nicely and the entire shoe is leather. Whereas in the fake Hermès Oran the leather is not in a good quality and the color of the replica is different from the original, they can’t copy the beautiful hazelnut color of the gold Oran. The fake Hermès Oran sandals are not comfortable and they don’t keep the shape like the real ones. The toe of the authentic sandal is more of a square toe it’s not extremely square, meanwhile in the fake the shape of the toe is really ugly and cheap. Once you see and touch the authentic sandals you will easily spot the fakes. Below I’m posting some pictures to help you understand better.


These shoes are amazing, flawless with an iconic style that are essential in every wardrobe. There are no glue lines and there are no gaps in the real Hermès Oran sandals, the way that everything is cut, stitched and put together is perfect. The stitching itself it’s done in a perfect way. The fakes don’t have these details, the stitching is not in a good quality and it has a lot of flaws. They are not perfectly put together and as you will see the photo below, you will immediately understand everything and spot every detail.


The logo is embedded into the lining with the same color as the hazelnut. You don’t need a lot of words to spot the fake when it comes to this part of the Hermès Oran sandals. The photo speaks for itself. The color, the size and the font of the logo at the sole of the shoe is way to far from the perfection of the authentic sandal.

If you look carefully at the picture below, you will notice the differences between the real and the fake Oran sandal from the color, quality, number and the logo of the sole. The sole of the authentic is in a very good quality, whereas the sole of the fake is lighter and very cheap looking. The logo ‘HERMES’ of the real sandal is perfectly engraved and below is written the number of the shoe, meanwhile in the replica is written ‘Hermès’ Paris, which you can’t find in the authentic. Beside the quality and color, even the size of the font and the space between the logo and the number of the shoe is different.

I’m showing below some pictures of the box and dust bag of the authentic Hermès Oran sandals.
Pay attention to the image of the real box and dust bag details so once you face a fake packaging you will know what you are dealing with. Beside the real sandals boxing pictures I’m showing you the difference between a real and a fake logo Hermès at the dust bag. Take a look at the pictures please to understand better.

Looking at the sides of real Hermès Oran sandal, how they put the heel together, its all perfectly aligned, its not a complete flat sole and there is no gaps. You can’t find anything wrong in the authentic shoe. Whereas in the fake sandals you can see a lot of glue lines and parts that are rigid not soft leather as the authentic sandal. The sole of the replica looks very bad and has no comparison to the real oran sandal. Let’s look at the photo.

Hermès Oran is a sandal in Box calfskin with iconic “H” cut-out. Here we are going to put some attention to the toe of the shoe and the “H” cut out. The quality of the leather, sole, color and the stitching of the authentic shoe is perfect. The replica is very bad shaped, has a pale color at the ‘H’ cut-out and at the sole. The stitching on the fake sandal is terrible and the shape of “H” is way to far from the original. Very easy to spot the fake, but sometimes the replica might be very close to the authentic, so look carefully the details of the real sandal so whatever replica you face, you will spot it easily.

Thank you so much my dear friends, for choosing always my articles to read. I am so grateful and I really hope that this guide to authentication can be very helpful to you and you liked this article. It would mean so much to me if you share this and comment your opinion below. Thank you again.


Here are some pictures of different colors of Hermès Oran sandals.