Hello my dear friends! I hope you are having a great time. Today we will continue with the authentication guide of Yeezy sneakers. This article will show you differences at the real and fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Sesame. Let’s start with the tips.

The first thing you will see at the photos below is the shape of the sneaker. The photos in the sides of the yeezys will show you the differences of the heel, the tongue of shoe and the top of it. I did lined the changes with different colors and as you can see, the yellow line which shows the tongue of the sneakers tells you more of how every yeezy looks like. The real one is deeper and in a symetric shape, whereas in the replica looks very cheap and irregular. The heel of the replica is higher and wavy whereas the authetic has a straight and beautiful heel. The engraved lines of the sole are thinner and placed with order at the real Yeezy. The purple line shows you the top of the shoe is longer and more elegant than the fake one. The black arrows show you the length from heel tab to the tongue of the shoe, which is bigger in the authentic sneaker and the shape of the heel tab is perfectly put together at the real Yeezy not like the replica that looks horrible in the stitching and the shape of it.

Once againg this other side of Yeezy shows you the differences between the real and the fake. Take a closer look at photos and the tips below to have a better idea. Focus on the lines and arrows I draw to show you the shape, length, distances and other details you will notice yourself.

The picture below, will help you spot the fake immediately by the shape, color, quality and the way it looks.

The thread used in the replica is in a very bad quality, whereas in the real sneaker is perfect it and the stitching. The back of the heel is higher and the orange part of it is wider in the replica.
The heel tab is thinner and the material used for it is better in the authentic shoe. In the fake shoe it is thicker and the quality of every detail is worse than the real one.


In the Insole you will see the writing label in both shoes look very similiar, but the quality of the material and the size of the font will help you spot the fake once again.

The sole has its differences that I pointed with my drawings. Look carefully at the details that will help you in the future spot the fake Yeezy sneakers.

The quality is the first thing notable in the size tag. The font is regular and perfect in the authentic, but we can not say the same thing for the replica. The photos below will help you more.

The engravings in the bottom of the shoe are other details you should focus on. The purple lines shows you the length of the orange part of the sole that in the replica is wider than the real sneaker. The boost writing engraving is bigger in the fake shoe and so is the adidas engraving in the top of the bottom of the sneaker.

Thank you so much for reading my article. I hope it was helpful to everyone of you. Please make sure to comment and subscribe.