If we were to ask most people how would they describe the 2020 Instagram theme the answer would probably be “The Attack of the Gucci Tights”. They were everywhere, seen on everyone, and matched with every outfit. We were first debating on was it worth it to purchase after we had seen them so much all over social media? But here we are, approaching 2021 and we can’t seem to get our mind off them! The classic fishnet Gucci Tights come in Black and White and cost 90€.

The black Gucci tights are not a trend of the moment anymore, they have become a must for your winter wardrobe and for a good reason. The Gucci Fishnets will complete and give your look an edge, grunge and 90s vibes, even if your outfit is all black, the tights will make the difference and make it look completely chic and fashionable effortless. If you are more of a colorful and daring person the white Gucci Tights are a bit more difficult to put together but if you do it correctly, your look will be memorable.
We can definitely say that the Gucci Tights have become an investment piece, you can resell them in a second-hand shop if kept in excellent conditions but they have become an investment piece because they are the one item you can pull out of your closet when you can’t find anything to wear and make it look complete chic. Gucci has launched a lot of colors and models of tights, but my favorites are the trio Black, White, and Beige GG pattern. The beige GG pattern tights Price is 210€.

This year Gucci surprised us all when launching the Used Effect GG tights that cost 140€.  They look like torn tights and the internet is going crazy about it. Here is a photo of them.


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