Hello my friends. Today I’m writing about Louis Vuitton Neverfull Giant. I wrote an article about this bag some times ago, giving you a closer look to the details of this bag. Now I will compare a real and a fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull Giant bag to help you understand the difference between them. You can always confirm your bag details at this article¬† Closer Look to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Giant. I want to thank @zalacutie for the pictures of the real bag.


The first thing you notice when you buy a bag is the material it’s made of. The real Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram is made of Coated Canvas Trim. One thing you need to make sure is the smell of the bag, if it has a bad smell you can rest assured that the bag is fake. The authentic bag has the characteristic leather smell. We can’t explain the material with words because you have it to touch it to realise the differences they have with each other. Another important thing you need to check is the colour of the “LV Symbols” and the entire bag. As you can see in the picture below the “LV Symbols” in the authentic bag have a light pink colour in it, while on the fake bag the colour is White. But don’t get fooled by this detail because there are also good replicas that have the same colour as the authentic one. This is the reason we are sharing different tips for this bag so you can make sure that you don’t get scammed. The handles of the real bag are flat and can stay straight even if you are not holding them, whereas in the fake one they fold right away as soon as you release them. As you can see in the pictures below the shape of the authentic bag is very regular and stands perfectly without bending, while the replica bends as soon as you release holding it.



As you can see in the picture below the distance between the stitching on the sides of the Louis Vuitton bag in the authentic and the fake have a huge difference.
The side laces of the real LV bag are very regular and in a good quality meanwhile in the replica is difficult to keep them straight even if you hold them. The gold-color hardware of the authentic bag are perfect and shining whereas in the fake they look very cheap and the colour is different from the real bag. The textile lining in the real bag is very symmetrical while in the replica you can see that they are not.


The shape of the bottom of the real Louis Vuitton Neverfull Giant bag tt is like a regular rectangle. In the replica as you can see in the pictures below is not regular.
The colour in the authentic Louis Vuitton bag is a very beautiful light orange, whereas in the fake bag the orange colour of the bottom is darker. Another difference you can notice at the colour and the size of the monogram “LV” logo, when in the real bag is whiter and it looks like a baby pink, in the fake looks more like pink.


Let’s take a look inside the bag. The quality of the material inside the real bag is canvas while fake one is very bad material like cheap cotton and it scratches easily. The colour inside the fake bag looks like it has been washed many times and has lost its colour.


The inside locker in the real bag it’s very short not like in the replica. The stitching of the handles which are circled with RED in the real one are smaller and they have a distance with the inside pocket, while in the fake one it’s near pocket. Circled with PURPLE you can see that the shape is completely different compared to the fake and the symbols are very regular. Circled with GREEN the zipper starts and ends with the quatrefoil symbol, whereas in the fake the symbols of the patterns are irregular.


You can immediately spot the differences between the logos, in the real one the font is carved and the stitches are at the same length. Also you can spot the font size that in the replica is bigger and uglier then the original one.


The size, shape, and the pattern symbols are smaller and perfectly combined together.


As you may know Louis Vuitton uses a hight quality linen thread. In the real Louis Vuitton products you will not find a single loose thread or worn. The stitching is flawless, straight and equidistant from the edges. In the replica you will notice a different number of the individual stitches. In the pictures below Im showing two parts, the handles and the upper part of the bag.


As I mentioned before you have to know more about the date code to know if you are facing a replica. For that reason I wrote an entire article explaining more about the details of this part of the Louis Vuitton bag. Date Code

I hope this guide was useful to you so you can easily spot a fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull Giant bag. If you have any question then please leave a comment below and we will reply to it.