For the luxury handbag devotee, the new year brings not just resolutions, but a familiar sting: the annual Hermès price increase. 2024 is no different, with the French Maison upping the ante on its coveted leather goods, leaving some loyal fans feeling a touch…squeezed. This article will show the price increase for the US and Europe.

Style / Model201920202021202220232024
Kelly 25 Sellier Epsom$10,300$10,300$10,300$10,600$11,300$11,800
Birkin 25 Togo$9,400$9,650 $9,750$10,100$10,400$11,400
Birkin 30 Togo$10,900$11,000$11,000$11,200$11,60012,500

Europe Feels the Pinch:

Across the pond, European Hermès enthusiasts are facing the brunt of the increase, with an average jump of 7.94% across bag styles. Popular picks like the Mini Kelly in Epsom and Birkin 25 in Togo saw a 7% bump, while the K25 Retourne in Togo took a staggering 13% hit. This follows a record-breaking 2023, where European Hermès prices surged 8-21%.

Increased Hermès Prices 2024 in Europe

Kelly Mini 20Epsom€6700€7150
Kelly Mini 20Chevre€7500€7700
Kelly Mini 20En Desordre€10500€11400
Kelly Mini 20Ostrich€11800€13500
Kelly Mini 20Picnic€12200€13500
Kelly Mini 20Lizard€16000€16200
Kelly Mini 20Studded€18000€19600
Kelly Mini 20Alligator (Matte)€26200€27900
Kelly 25Chevre Sellier€9250€9600
Kelly 25Epsom Sellier€8650€9500
Kelly 25Swift€8400€9000
Kelly 25Togo Retourne€8050€9100
Kelly 28Epsom Sellier€9100€10,300
Kelly 28Togo Retourne€8650€9600
Kelly 32Epsom Sellier€9850€10,700
Kelly 32Togo Retourne€9200€10,000
Kelly DollPicto€12300€13400
Kelly ElanCrocodile (Shiny)€36600€39900
Kelly PochetteSwift€4900€5200
Kelly DanseLizard (Ombre)€15200€16200
Birkin 25Alligator (Matte)€39000€42100
Birkin 25Epsom Sellier€8650€9000
Birkin 25Lizard€15100€16700
Birkin 25Ostrich€15650€16700
Birkin 25Togo€8050€8600
Birkin 30Barenia Faubourg€9800€10400
Birkin 30Epsom€8750€9250
Birkin 30Togo€8900€9400
Birkin 35Togo€9850€10200
Constance 18Epsom€6700€6950
Constance 18Chevre€7700€8000
Constance 18Swift with Mirror€7250€7550
Constance 18Studded€20000€21800
Constance 18Alligator (Matte with Mirror)€26200€27000
Lindy MiniClemence€5100€5500
Lindy 26Clemence€6250€6500
Evelyne III 16Clemence€1570€1660
Evelyne III 29Clemence€2800€2900
Bolide 1923 25Epsom€5300€5600
Jypsiere MiniSwift€5500€6000
Picotin MicroOstrich€6450€7350
Picotin 18Clemence€2380€2490
Picotin 22Clemence€2550€2700
Garden Party 30Negonda€2900€3100
Garden Party 36Negonda€2800€3250
Herbag Zip 31Quadrille/Hunter€2170€2600
Della Cavalleria Mini 18Epsom€4650€4950
24/24 MiniEvercoloir/Swift€6750€7200
Sac A Dos Off PisteEpsom€6100€6850
Cabas H 40Canvas/Swift€2750 €2950
Kelly To GoEpsom€4600€4900
Constance To GoEpsom€4600 €4900

Increased Hermès Prices 2024 in UK

Birkin 25Togo£7,850£8,580
Birkin 25Epsom£8,440£8,980
Birkin 30Togo£8,680£9,380
Kelly 20Epsom£6,530£7,130
Kelly 25Epsom£8,430£8,970
Kelly 25Togo£7,850£8,570
Kelly To Go Wallet-£4,490£4,890
Constance To Go Wallet-£4,490£4,890
Picotin 18 Lock-£2,270£2,490

Stateside Sighs of Relief (Sort Of):

In the US, the increases were slightly less dramatic, averaging around 5%. A Birkin 30 in Clemence now sets American aficionados back a cool $10,800, up from $10,300, while a Kelly 28 in Box Calf will cost you $9,350, compared to $9,000 in 2023. While a smaller jump than Europe, it’s still enough to make you wince when gazing longingly at that Birkin in the window.

Why the Hike?

Hermès cites rising production costs, particularly for raw materials like leather, as the reason for the price adjustments. Additionally, the brand faces ever-increasing demand, especially in Asia, which puts further pressure on their precious Birkins and Kellys.

Worth the Splurge?

For some, the price increases are simply a part of the Hermès allure. These bags are not just fashion statements, they’re investments, often appreciating in value over time. For others, the ever-climbing price tag may be a sign to seek solace in pre-owned Hermès or explore other luxury brands with slightly gentler price points.

The Takeaway:

The 2024 Hermès price increase underscores the ever-growing value proposition of these coveted bags. Whether you’re a die-hard Hermès fan or a curious observer, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the world of luxury and the unwavering desire for that perfect piece.

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