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Today we are going to talk about one of the most unique and fashionable bags of the iconic Italian luxury brand, Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag. Specializing in leather goods Bottega Veneta is well known for its intrecciato weave.
The Cassette Bag is crafted from two layers of thickly padded leather so it feels soft and puffy.

Below I’m going to share with you all the models of Cassette bags with their own prices in 2023.

1. Candy Padded Cassette – $2,200
Candy Padded Cassette comes in four colors: Parakeet, Pool, Black, and Camel.

2. Padded Cassette Belt Bag – $2,900
Padded Cassette Belt Bag comes in Barolo, White, Camel, Black, and Parakeet. Take a look at them.

3. Small Padded Cassette – $3,500
Small padded Intreccio leather cross-body bag with a single interior zipped pocket. This bag comes in different colors: Avocado, Thunder, White, Barolo, Ice cream, Pool, Camel, etc.

4. Cassette – $4,000 Gold
Foulard Intreccio laminated leather cross-body bag.

5. Cassette – $3,800
Cross-body bag that comes in five colors: Porridge, Avocado, Pool, White, and Sunburst.

6. Padded Cassette – $4,500
You can have one of the Padded intreccio leather cross-body bags for $4,500.
This bag comes in a variety of colors, take a look at some of them.

7. Chain Cassette – $5,500
Padded intrecciato leather crossbody bag with chains.

8. Bowling Cassette – $4,900
Bowling Cassette bag with detachable strap comes in Black, Porridge, and Barolo.

9. Small Brick Cassette – $2,500

10. Cassette Belt Bag – $1,800
Mini Intreccio leather belt bag in different colors for $1,800.

11. Cassette – $2,900

12. Cassette – $3,200
Intreccio grained leather crossbody bag.

13. Mini Cassette Bucket Bag – $1,300
A cross-body bucket bag that comes in some wonderful colors just for $1,300.

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