Comparing Hermes Birkin 35
If you only knew how many fake Hermes Birkins are sold as real ones and how hard is it to find out if you have an authentic or a fake in your hands you would never risk buying on a second-hand shop and actually get on the 5-year waiting list to get the real authentic Birkin.


We will be trying to make your job a bit easier and let you know on few tips and tricks on how to spot a fake Hermes Birkin. We will be comparing a second-hand Birkin 35 with a fake Birkin (medium replica).

The authentic Hermes Birkin is in Buffalo Leather, the Birkin bag comes in different sizes (25, 35, 40, 50, 55) the one in the picture is 35. The Retail Price of the Hermes Birkin 35 is $12000.

1. Shape and Texture
The first indication is by just looking and feeling the two bags. The authentic even smells like leather, feels soft whereas the fake one looks like it has a card inside to hold up the shape. Because the authentic is delicate we advise you to put the bagsentials inside so the bag can hold up its shape.

2. The Stitching
You can hardly see the stitching because it has the same color as the bag and it is blended-in perfectly, on the fake one the stitching is a different color from the bag (the bag is lime green and white stitching ). When you touch the stitching area on the bag it is uniform and you can not feel it by hand, whereas in the fake one you can feel the stitching area.
Keep in mind that the Hermes Bag is completely done by hand and you can see that the stitching is not all equal sides, whereas the fake ones look that it is done by a sewing machine.

3. Hardware
The authentic bag has gold hardware, and the fake one has silver hardware. The first thing you see is the hardware is outlined with leather on the authentic one, it is very symmetrical.
On the hardware, you can find engraved “Hermes”.

4. The Code and the Logo Stamp
When you open it up you have a code inside a square and a code on the other part.
When you open the bag you have the stamp Hermes Paris Made in France in gold written, and the ‘H’ is different from the fake one.

5. The Handles
The handles are very soft but it still maintains the shape in the authentic bag. In the fake Birkin, the handles look cheap and are shorter than the real Hermes Birkin.

6. The Sides
When you turn the bags on the side you can see that the fake one does not hold the shape as well.
When you turn the bag on the back it has the handles stitched on the behind, very symmetrically and you can see a change in the size, the fake one looks larger.
When you turn the bag upside down you have two pieces of leather with two metal rounds holding them, the shape of the metal is different, the authentic has round and straight, whereas the real one is more narrow at the start and expands at the ends.

7. The Inside
When you open it up you have a pocket and the zipper has written on the side, Hermes. The inside of the bag is very tight, does not have loose leather, and looks regular.

Did you enjoy this article, what are some fun facts you know about Hermes, and make sure to check our youtube video as well for a closer look.