Hello friends.
If you are not sure what color would suit you best from the Chanel 19 collection, today we take a closer look at the most beautiful green, summery, and completely out there color.

Chanel 19 small comes in a variety of colors. The size is [16 × 26 × 9 cm] and you can find it in lambskin, Tweeds & Fabrics, Sequins, and Shearling Sheepskin.
It retails for 4500 Euros in Europe , ($4,800) in USA, and AUD 8,030* in Australia.

The details are amazing, the Hardware is vintage looking gold, and it has a mix of silver and gold on the handles.
The CC logo on the front has leather details and matches perfectly the bag.

The inside of the bag has fabric the same color as the outside leather. The stitches are all the same color and on the inside the hardware you can find a mix of the worn out gold and the shiny gold!
Overall it has become a must have bag that you can wear for every occasion. The Chanel 19 was the last bag Karl Lagerfeld designed on 2019 before he passed away, and that’s the reason it’s called Chanel 19.

If you are curious on having a closer look and how much the bag fits check the youtube video below! WHAT THE LUX
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We have also attached the full video of our review and unboxing: