Last year Instagram was taken over by the Famous Gucci Tights and had us drooling! The most sought after and the fashion statement became a must-have for influencers and every person who liked to dress up! We did love the Gucci and Fendi tights but we were all questioning ourselves, when will Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior make their own special tights and take over our hearts?

This year Chanel decided to come up with the nicest, elegant and stylish tights making them this fall must-have. First seen on the 2020 Runway Ready to wear on Gigi Hadid and later stumbling across on every fashion page and Chanel-Lovers!

The logo Chanel Tights comes in black and white, the logo is very small and seen from a distance you can mistake them for small dots.
Prices at 360€ the Chanel tights bring an extra touch to the traditional black see-through tights!

Are the Chanel tights on your Wish List this winter?
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