Hello, my dear friends. Hope you are safe and everything is going well.
Today I will give you the price list for Louis Vuitton Alma bag. You know that the iconic Alma bag comes in three sizes (BB, PM, MM) and in seven materials (Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas, Epi leather, Patent leather, Shiny Crocodile, Monogram Vernis leather, Monogram Empreinte leather). Every bag has its own price depending on the size and the material. Below I have created a table with all the Alma bags and their related prices.

1.Louis Vuitton Alma BB [23.5 x 17.5 x 11.5 cm] €1060;

2.Louis Vuitton Alma  PM [32.0 x 25.0 x 16.0 cm] €1250;

3.Louis Vuitton Alma MM [36.0 x 28.0 x 17.0 cm]€1490;

Alma BB (Damier Ebene Canvas )€1.060
Alma BB (Monogram Canvas)€1.060
Alma PM (Damier Ebene Canvas )€1.250
Alma PM (Monogram Canvas)€1.250
Alma MM (Damier Ebene Canvas )€1.490
Alma MM ( Monogram Canvas)€1.490
Alma BB (Scarlet Patent leather)€1.460
Alma BB (Patent leather Blue Marine)€1.460
Alma BB(Shiny Crocodile t Saphir)€14.400
Alma BB(Shiny Crocodile t Jaune d'or)
Alma BB(Shiny Crocodile t Uvetta)€14.400
Alma BB(Shiny Crocodile t Nero)€14.400
Alma BB (Epi leather Nero)€1.270
Alma BB(Epi leather
Blanc Optique / Scarlet / Noir)
Alma BB(Epi leather Indaco)€1.270
Alma BB(Epi leather Rosso Papavero)€1.270
Alma BB(Epi leather Rosa Ballerina)€1.270
Alma BB(Epi leather Grenade)€1.270
Alma BB(Epi leather Blu Lazuli)€1.270
Alma BB(Epi leather Seaside)€1.270
Alma BB (Monogram Vernis leather Rosso Ciliegia)
Alma BB (Monogram Vernis leather Amaranto)€1.460
Alma BB(Monogram Empreinte leather Nero)€1.680
Alma BB(Monogram Empreinte leather Pumpkin)€1.680
Alma BB(Monogram Empreinte leather Crema)€1.680
Alma BB(Monogram Empreinte leather Rossa Ciliegia)€1.680
ALMA PM (Epi leather)€1.680
ALMA PM(Monogram Canvas Vernis leather )€1.890
NÉO ALMA PM(Monogram Canvas Empreinte leather)€1.890