Photo Credits: @lenaterlutter
It was on Chanel’s Spring\Summer 2019 ready-to-wear collection, that the Chanel white cropped blouse walked right from the runaway into our hearts, and apparently, it is not going anywhere! It was the IT shirt for months and you could see it everywhere on social media, on every celebrity and blogger.
With “CHA” on the right pocket and “NEL” in the left this crop shirt one of the pieces from the last design of Karl Lagerfeld before he passed away on February 19, 2019.
The The Price of this Button-Down CHANEL Box crop top is $2200.
This shirt is a chic way to bring a little bit of masculinity into the wardrobe! For an edgy my look style with leather pants and cuffs. Or with bike shorts and trainers for a more casual look! This timeless piece will forever be a statement in your wardrobe!
Even if you thought this pricey cropped blouse is basic, you couldn’t help but wished you had it! Why? Because the blouse is perfect for every day and nightwear, it is a mix of classy, elegance, sportive, and playful look. It goes perfectly with most items you already have in the closet, you can wear it all year round and most importantly it has the 6 letters everyone loves to hear, Chanel!
This is the shirt to end all the shirts.

What do you guys think? Have you already purchased it? Our girl Steph helped us again with some info. Check her profile for amazing pieces of Chanel.
Thank you!