Today I decided to write about this wonderful Chanel bag who has recently gotten a cult following! It was loved in the past as well when first launched at Chanel Spring 2014 runway but lately, we have been seeing it everywhere. I really love the vintage vibes it gives with the classic interlocking CC logo on the front and the modern part that makes it very attractive which is the luxurious signature plate with the house’s name engraved on it that screams CHANEL. You can either hold it at the top handle or for a more comfortable way use the strap. The black Trendy CC with the gold hardware is my favorite because it is not a shiny, empowering gold but more of a subtle, classic one that just gives a pop of shine to the bag.
I love Lambskin Trendy CC even if it is not durable from scratches or water but has a luxurious look and for me is more attractive. The Chanel flap bag has so many beautiful colors that make it very hard to decide which one to choose. It is very similar to Chanel COCO handle launched in Chanel’s Pre-Fall Winter 2015 collection.

I always said that Chanel bags will always have a steady increase so it’s really an investment you have to make sooner rather than later and this year French fashion house Chanel said it is raising prices worldwide on some of its products due to the Corona Virus situation.
If this is your dream bag and you want more information check below the different sizes it comes in and the retail prices.

The Price of Chanel Small Trendy CC (6.7 x 9.8 x 4.7 in) is $5,600
This year the small Chanel Trendy CC price in Europe is 4600€.

PHOTO CREDITS: @queen_isabelle8

The Price of Chanel Medium Trendy CC (7.5 x 11.8 x 4.7 in) is $6,100

PHOTO CREDITS: stezzzzzzzzz

The Price of Chanel Large Trendy CC (10.2 x 12.2 x 6.3 in) is $7,000

PHOTO CREDITS: stezzzzzzzzz

What do you guys think of this article? Which size and color of Chanel Trendy CC is your favorite?
Thank You!