Last few years the hype was all about the slides. Hermes, Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, everyone was buying them for the summertime. Last year we started seeing high-end sneakers at every corner. The Chanel trainers are the ones that caught our attention. They come in two variants, the one with holes comes in Black and Ivory colors and the other in Ivory, Black, Navy, and Beige. 10 mm heel, the black laces make the perfect contrast in the beige and Ivory sneakers.
They are sold out everywhere because you have definitely seen everyone wearing them! We love the fact that you will look trendy and sporty with the super comfy sneakers by Chanel. It’s just something about the sneakers that makes you want to invest more. These Chanel Trainers are super comfy and trendy which are easy to dress up or down. Below I’m posting some photos with all their variants and colors.
The Price of these sneakers is $940(USD) and $1450 AUD.
We want to thank Steph for helping us with photos and some important info on the most sought after sneakers. If you love Chanel you have to follow her for the most beautiful Chanel pieces! Her profile is one of my favorites.

The Chanel trainers with holes.

1. Chanel Ivory Trainers ($940)

2. Chanel Black Trainers ($940)

Chanel Trainers without holes
1. Chanel Trainers Beige ($940)

2. Chanel Trainers Black, Ivory and Navy ($940)

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