By far our favorite shoes from Bottega Veneta are the Spiral Sandals! We didn’t get to see this as much as other BV sandals like Lido, Padded, or Stretch one, but we believe they look better and are way more fashionable! They come in the flat version and in 8 cm Heel heel. The color is quite mesmerizing, different from the other shoes they come in a plain color and different snake prints. Very subtle tones of Brown, green and yellow snake prints and the creme de la creme for the 9 cm Spiral sandal, a really beautiful orange which makes it perfect for summer (and if you are risky enough for wintertime as well).
Bottega Veneta Slingbacks sandals are made with Nappa leather with a single spiral diagonal Coiled ankle strap in python-printed calfskin over the foot. They are finished with a metal tip and a Toe ring. The rubber-injected leather sole is made for comfort and stability.
Check the prices below.
The Price for BV Spiral Sandals is from $1,190 to $1,660.

1. BV Spiral Sandals PAPRIKA ($1,660)

2. BV Spiral Sandals FONDENTE ($1,660)

3. BV Spiral Sandals CHOCOLATE ($1,220)

4. BV Spiral Sandals HONEY ($1,220)

5. BV Spiral Flat Sandals CHOCOLATE ($1,190)

6. BV Spiral Flat Sandals KAKI 20 ($1,190)

7. BV Spiral Flat Sandals HONEY ($1,190)

What do you guys think of these Spiral sandals? Personally, for me, these are the best sandals from Bottega Veneta.