I think we underestimate the importance of lipsticks in our life! We always have one in our bag, we never go without lipstick outside the house and it is a small difference that makes our day better. We chose five lipsticks that we love and we haven’t heard people raving about them!

1. Pat Mcgrath Labs($38.00)
As we have previously mentioned once you hear Pat Mcgrath you know it is good quality, luxury packaging, and comes in a glitter-filled box. The quality of the lipsticks is amazing, velvety and smooth and the variety of colors is very beautiful! You must have one Pat Mcgrath lipstick in your life!

2. Louboutin Lipsticks ($90.00)
$90.00 lipstick might sound really crazy if you think about it, and we bought it just for the nice packaging but we were surprised to find out it has really nice quality and we love the satin finish. If you are the kind of person that wants one color only, and keeps just one lipstick, invest in this one.

3. Chantecaille Hummingbird Lip Chic ($48.00)
Mark our words, Chante Caille will be the next big thing. All their line is like you are treating your skin or your lips in this case. The only downside is the color range, it has very few colors to choose from.

4. By Terry Rouge Expert Click Stick ($‌32.00)
Sometimes I like to “paint” my lips slowly and make them look fuller and bigger especially if I am going for a red lip, that’s why I suggest by terry, is smaller in size than usual lipstick, it is like a lipstick pencil and makes your lips look plump and hydrated!

5. Viseart Lip Palette($80)
All the perfect nudes wrapped in one! I love love love this palette, I have all the nude colors I need, I mix different colors together and just love how it looks all together!

Are you a fan of any of the brands? If yes which one is your favorite?