Everyone knows about the Bottega Veneta pouch which has been a success of the Italian brand, especially after celebrities like Rihanna wore it and gathered a lot of fans around the world. But Daniel Lee went on another level after introducing us to the Spring\Summer 2020 collection. The new pouch with an oversized Square ring chain shoulder strap and Magnetic frame covered in folds of leather comes in a smaller version and can be carried in the shoulders like a handbag or as a simple pouch.
Dimensions of this bag are Height:12cm; Width:31cm; Depth:16cm; Drop:25cm

The Chain Pouch in light calf leather comes in 7 colors, Plaster, Black, Moutarde, Ocra, Orange, Fondente, and Zebra. Later on, the Bottega Veneta introduced us with an exclusive green color which is my favorite. The Price is the same for all shades aside from the Zebra one, which is very fancy and comes with a silver chain.
The Price of the chain pouch in Zebra version costs $3,800.
The Price of other shades of Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch is $3,600.

1. The PLASTER Chain Pouch $3,600;

2. The BLACK Chain Pouch $3,600;

3. The MOUTARDE Chain Pouch $3,600;

4. The OCRA Chain Pouch $3,600;

5. The ORANGE Chain Pouch $3,600;

6. The FONDENTE Chain Pouch $3,600;

7. The ZEBRA Chain Pouch $3,800;

8. The GREEN Chain Pouch $3,600;

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