After the great success of the Stretch pump by Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta now introduced the new Mesh sandals that are absolutely fabulous. These sandals are as elegant as they are distinctive. We have seen all the bloggers and celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian wearing them giving their look a special touch.
THE PRICE of these shoes is $ 1,180.

Made from leather trimmed mesh D’Orsay layer with glimpses of skin, with a single strap over the foot it’s threaded with a detachable chunky gold-finish chain threaded through back loop of the shoe. This time, different from the stretch pump these sandals have a Pointed toe and a stiletto heel 9.5 cm with rubber-injected leather sole for comfort and stability. Mesh sandal is likely to be more than a seasonal collection. It will be part of the permanent collection.

The mesh sandal comes in two colours.
1. THE BEIGE PONY sandal $1,180;

2. NERO sandal $1,180;

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