We are firm believers that summer 2020 is not canceled. In fact we are planning our summer garderobe and makeup looks just in case we go in our dream location sipping Margaritas by the beach.
The one thing we are looking for this summer is a flawless complexion. Good skin comes with good skincare but we are almost 100% sure we all got to see the worst side of our skin during this pandemic.
If you are like us and want to achieve that healthy glow and flawless finish, here are the 10 foundations we tried and loved.

1.Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (Price $47.00)
Full Coverage, gives a light luminosity to the skin and it is long-wearing. Suitable for all skin types (but mostly dry skin types).

2.LA Mer Soft long wear Foundation spf 20 (Price $120.00)
It is La Mer, a little bit pricey but has spf, for all skin types and is full coverage! What else could you want more? We love it.

3.Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (Price $64.00)
The IT foundation of the 2019 was loved by the beauty community for a reason, silky and buildable to achieve the full coverage you need. You can use it daily because is very light and gives your skin a shiny look.

4.Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation(Price $106.00)
We were sure we were going to love this foundation, because the mother of makeup sure knows best. It had some mixed reviews in the beauty community but we loved it. Applying it felt like we were one of the Instagram Models getting makeup by Pat McGrath herself!

5.Estee Lauder Double Wear(Price$43.00)
I think we keep coming back to this one. We do not suggest it during day time, but for those nights where you need the extra coverage to pull an all nighter, you can not go wrong with Double Wear. It tends to flash back when you wear a very light color with pink undertones but make sure to mix it with gold undertones to get the perfect complexion. It can feel a little heavy on the skin at times, if applied heavily. The quality of estee Lauder is superior in the long-lasting stay, anti allergic and color compatibility.

6. Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation SPF25 (Price $60.00 )
A lighter foundation, for a healthy glow. It feels as it is absorbed by the skin and just gives it uniformity and glow. You can use it day time and night time for a more subtle foundation. It is oil-free and if you have a very very dry skin this can not be moisturising enough for you. We are very satisfied and love it.

7.Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Soft Matte Long Wear Foundation (Price$35)
We love most things from Fenty Beauty, and the foundation is a hit but only if you have very oily face. It is Ultra matte, if you want to give it a sheer try using a primer or a very hydrating cream before.

8. Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish stick (Price$56.00)
This stick foundation also become a cult favorite last year and we personally think it was because of the finish. Satin with a slight of dewiness the hourglass left you with flawless coverage and it felt light as well.

9. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear (Price$48.00)

For the workaholics who want to make their face look flawless from 9 till 9 , this is the foundation for you. Satin finish, stays put all day and is perfect for combination or oil prone skin. Love it.

10. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (Price$44.00)
Say goodbye to your dark circles and hyper pigmentation because this foundation is going to cover it all up and make your face look like never before. Perfect for day and night time, Charlotte was not lying when she named this the Magic Foundation.

Have you tried any of the mentioned foundations? What do you guys love? Comment Below.