Hello my dear friends. Hope you are having a great time. Today I will show you some info and photos of the new collection by Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton. I like to call it in the clouds, because it really make you feel on cloud nine. I adored this collection the first moment i saw it and to know more I contacted my dear friend Philippe to help me with some extra information.

Unconscious of one’s age. Each season, Virgil Abloh explores the developmental stages that form a man’s identity and wardrobe. For the collection, he chose to focus on the collective energy of today’s youth.
He made his fourth collection for Louis Vuitton all about the suit.

The FW20 has been presented to the VIC(very important clients) at the showroom. The orders have already been taken by the invited clients, which means that VIC will receive the pieces faster than other clients. As a lot of my followers on the Louis Vuitton Fan Page are asking about the date this collection will be launched, i can tell that some pieces like rigids are already in the system of the SAs(sales advisor), so for those you can already place an order at full deposit. The rest of collection is still unknown at the moment and no SKUs(stock keeping unit) are available. The collection will start to come out from July onwards.

Here are some pieces of this collection. Thank you so much Philippe(hedonist) for the info and pictures.