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Today I’m going to talk about one of the most loving shoe brands for all times, Christian Louboutin.
Below I will share with you some information about The SS20 Collection of Louboutin heels, with all the models and prices. The SS20 Collection is made of classic shoes, sandals and boots. I’m sure that this new collection should be called best of the bests. Amazing models like Spikaqueen, Renee Strass, Galativi Strass, Iriza, Galerietta , Follies Lace, etc. Maison Christian Louboutin is inspired this season from the stellar world, with its innovative Pearls patent leather, glittering and gorgeous shimmering strass. The lower price starts from $ 695 to higher $2,995.
Take a better look at the table below for everything you need to know.

Iriza (100 mm)$ 775
Levitalo (100 mm)$ 895
Galativi (100 mm)$ 795
Galativi Strass (100 mm)$ 1,195
Spikaqueen (100 mm)$ 1,095
Follies Lace (100 mm)$ 845
Follies Lace (100 mm)$ 845
Gipsybootie (100 mm)$ 1,195
Galerietta (100 mm)$ 845
Galerietta (100 mm)$ 845
Renee Strass (100 mm)$ 1,595
Baleine (100 mm)$ 1,195
Kate (85 mm)$ 695
Cl Bootie (100 mm)$ 1,095
Levitibootie 100 mm$ 1,295
Kronobotte (85 mm)$ 1,395
Gael Strass (85 mm)$ 2,995
Levitibotta 100 mm$ 1,575
Maia Labella Alta (120 mm)$ 1,295

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