James Charles’s week started in the best way possible, being invited at the Met Gala  but it is not ending well for him. Tati Westbrook released a 43 minutes video about James Charles and his wrongdoings. The drama started in April when James posted an advertisement for Sugar Bear Hair supplements to his Instagram story. It turns  out, that brand is a huge competitor for Westbrook’s supplement brand, Halo Beauty.She accused him of being unsupportive and said she felt betrayed. Charles later apologized to Westbrook in a statement posted to his Instagram story.

Later on he posted an 8 minute video where he fake claimed and apologized all the claims made by Tati Westbrook.

As well as accusing him of being disloyal to their friendship, Westbrook also claimed Charles tried  to spread lies about her and called him out for saying hurtful things about other people in the beauty community. She also mentioned an inappropriate comment he made about wanting to hook up with a straight waiter at a restaurant, disregarding his sexual orientation while Charles identifies as gay.

Every second his subscriber count is falling down while Tati’s Channel is blooming. He already lost 2 milion subscribers and is expected to get worse with the days and the claims of other people supporting Tati. Zara Larsson claimed that James Charles dm-ed her boyfriend eventhought he knew he was straight.  

The biggest youtuber Pewdiepie also made a video about James Charles and how is career is over now following the feud with Tati and is supporting Tati on her claims alongside the creater of the show DramaAlert by Keemstar.


Here you can find the livestream of subcount between James Charles and Tati Westbrook: