It is that time of the year where we sit down and make so many promises that this will be our year! But this year we are including a new tradition! Writing down 2018 trends that we are more than happy to forget they ever existed!

1. Sheet Masks
I think we can move past the phase where a sheet mask will do wonders in just 5 minutes. Take your time with masks, use different ones to address all problems in your skin.

2. Natural Tones Palettes
There is nothing we love more than a natural eye look, brown tones, earth vibes, but we believe we all have enough palettes with the same shades of browns. Lets hope this year will bring out of this world pigments and eye shadows!

3. Weird Nail Art
Just why? Why would someone do their nails in a form of a lipstick, or hair, or a freaky doll with big hands…the imagination goes on. These would look amazing on paintings but on nails? Just unnecessary!

What i like:

4. Brow Art

Halo brows, uni brows, feathers brows this year has been crazy. We do appreciate makeup art for photoshoots, or just makeup art to express your talents, but all the brows craze have just been clickbaits!

5. Blackheads peel off mask!
Hurts like hell, doesn’t work! Just lets get over it and go get extractions at our local SPA!

These are just a few trends of what we want to leave behind this year! Would you like to read a fashion trends to leave behind? Subscribe if you liked this article. It would be very helpful for us. Thank you for reading and feel free to always share your opinion!