While we like to spend all of our monthly budgets with makeup, brushes, skin care, and everything invented in the beauty industry, it would be such a loss if we would not take care of them properly. Here are few tricks on taking care of your beauty babes.

1. 2$ Investment

Everywhere we turn there are countless products being invented for everything, like, makeup brush dryer,
makeup brush soap, etc, but the two products that work best for us are soap and alcohol. Any kind of solid
soap will clean your brushes, and beauty sponges. Swirling the brush on the soap until all dirt is cleaning out
will get your brushes ready for next use and smelling lovely. Going one step further to remove all bacteria, we
fill a glass with alcohol and put the brushes in for few seconds. Let them rinse and dry and they are good to go.

2.The magical Wipes

Every once in a while when using liquid bronzer, we would notice that hair or brushes bristles would get them looking dirty and unpleasant. Now before doing our makeup, we always clean the surface
of the bronzer with makeup wipes remover. The same thing applies to your lipsticks. Handing that to dye
lipstick to all of your friends on a night out can transfer impurities and bacterias to one another, so make sure
all of your loved ones have healthy and plumping lips with this one-second trick.
Ps: Be careful of the type of the wipes you use, sometimes those can damage your skin and lips.

3.The multitasking brushes.

This trick is not about cleaning, it’s about applying your skin care as neatly as possible. Yes, you can use your
hands, after cleaning them for 5 minutes straight, but what we love more is our brush collection for skin
care only. We apply day creams and night creams with brushes. You can use the silicon ones or old fashion
synthetic brushes. Clean after every use and always pair it with your face creams.
With that being said we hope all of you have clean and flawless faces.

What are the things in your makeup vanity you struggle more to keep clean and sanitized? Let us know.