The moment you purchase your designer bag its not just a splurge of the moment, it’s an investment.
And like any other investment, you have to take care to prolong their lifespan,
We like to treat our designer handbags with love and we want to share the tips on maintaining them
with you as well.

1.The Shape
Maintain the shape of the bags, stuff them with clothes while they are in the closet.

2. Wipe with water and soap

Every once in a while wipe your bags with water and liquid soap, just a tiny amount of liquid
soap will do.

3. The Milk Trick
What we else like to do, is take a white towel and clean the bag with milk. Keep in mind to
always use small amounts.

4. Buy the right products

Buy different products for different leathers, it is important to treat every leather differently and
with the right products.

5. The Bag Pillow

Buy a bag pillow for most of your bags, you can find them at  @bagsential. Bag Pillow is very important for the shape and scratches, it protects your bag leather.


6. Protect Your Bag from your Makeup

If you have makeup always put them in a makeup bag. Do not throw in your designer bag because different makeup will stain your bag.

7. Avoid The Sunlight
Keep away from the sunlight. Direct sunlight will damage the leather if you leave it for a long

8. Avoid Water for the Grease stain

Don’t use water on grease stain. This will only damage the leather.

9. Use Your Dust Bag
Always keep the dust bags. If you don’t want to put your bags in the dust bags all the time, they
will come in handy when traveling.

10. The Place and the Cleaning

Be very careful with your handbags. While you are out, keep them on the chair or on the table,
don’t put them in places where they can get damaged.
Carry with you white clothes to wash the bag from time to time.

What do you think? Do you follow these rules for your bags? Countless rules to follow can also be found on the web, on how to remove each stain. Be careful if
you want to prolong the life of your luxury handbag.

Thank you so much for reading our articles! Feel free to ask anything you need. Share if you want to help others protect their luxury bags.