Christian Louboutin is a French luxury footwear and fashion designer whose footwear has incorporated shiny, red-lacquered soles that have become his signature, began sketching shoes in his early teens, ignoring his academic studies.

Elegant, classic, and timeless, they are, undoubtedly, the fashionable woman’s best weapon. Louboutins, as they’re fondly called, have earned iconic status by being the perfect pair to dress up even the simplest of dresses, thanks to their signature shiny red-lacquered soles.

Louboutin shoes are one of those fashion items that people will tell you is an “investment” so no closet is ever complete without Christian Louboutin shoes.

Below you will be able to find the top most expensive Louboutin shoes.

1.Decollete 554 Strass 100mm

Price : $3,595.00

2.Pigalle Follies Strass Degrade 100mm

Price : $3,595.00

3.Circonvolu Strass 85mm

Price : $2,495.00

4.Alta Spina Strass 85mm

Price : $ 2,795.00

5.Tornade Blonde 120 mm

Price : $2,495.00

6.Crystal Queen 120mm

Price : $2,245.00

7.Okydok 100mm

Price : $2,095.00

8.Miragirl 100 mm

Price : $1,295.00

9.Mechante Reine 100 mm

Price : $1,295.00

10.Twistissima Strass 100mm

Price : $1,245.00

11.Edo Mule 100 mm

Price : $1,295.00

12.Follies Spikes 100 mm

Price : $1,295.00

13.Raissa 100 mm

Price : $1,195.00

14.Follie Strass 100 mm

Price : $1,195.00

15.Degrastrass Pvc 100 mm

Price : $1,095.00

16.Choca Lux 120 mm

Price : $1,045.00