As we woke up on a marvelous morning with the tunes of Staying Alive by Saturday Night Fever we got in the mood of the 70s style!

Not only did this song boost our entire day with positive vibes but we spent the whole day looking at 70s fashion covers and pinterest ideas.

As you can tell by the way these ladies look you can understand our currant obssesion… Jumpsuits, suites, long pants, short pants you name it.

It looks like you can’t go wrong with the 70s look!

1. Don’t you get the vibes of a boss lady that has it all figured out when you look at these two beauties? Pairing a suit with hats and scarfs on an autumn morning with squares or just lemurs  that day will be rocked!

2. Although we love both of the jumpsuits in this picture, we are more obsessed with the red one. The playful red with the not so symmetrical round white stripes could be the perfect choice for a night out. Recreate the look with a touch of the todays sensation with this  jumpsuit!

3. If you are heading to work don’t leave the knee length skirt with a beautiful jacket leather on the side. Plain Black or Plain Pastels, you will be comfy and stylish at the same time.

4. We definitely can’t wait for the date night! Bring the 70s in the table with short high waisted pants and black and white stripped shirt.

These are few of our 70s inspiration and if you recreate any of the looks we can’t wait to see it. Use the hashtag brandsblogger

Have a blast Dancing Queens!