The New Louis Vuitton Bag (New Wave)

Currently, Louis Vuitton has moved from their Monogram Multicolored bags to a more colorful, unsubtle rainbow logo, which was designed by Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. However, Louis Vuitton has moved on from that sort of look under Nicolas Ghesquiere. This is when the Louis Vuitton New Wave Bags is released on the brand’s website.

We can actually trace the origin of the Louis Vuitton New Wave bag to the past. This history is from a load of archives that contained 12 pairs of shoes featuring multi-colored rising and falling stripes atop the typical monogram toile. The name “New Wave” is taken up the music genre that began more than 40 years ago. This music genre still characterizes distinctive fashion trends, a disruptive attitude, and all-around cool.

The Louis Vuitton New Wave Bags does not feature the brand’s monogram print, even though it has a big, gold LV marker right up front. All other products of Louis Vuitton do feature straps embroidered with their brand’s names in all the rainbow colors (this will always make one remember their Monogram Multicolor). For those that have been following their brand since the mid-2000s, one will never conclude that they will make such a sharp change in their product.

The bags are also different from everything in the Murakami line. The New Wave bags, unlike other products that are made of coated canvas, are made of quilted calf leather. They also have shaped newer to the brand instead of Vuitton classics. Currently, there are two sizes of chain-strap flap bag with a curvy bottom (this is just like a butt!) in addition to a shopping tote with the same wavy embroidery.

The supple calf leather is covered in a unique wave motif that describes the silhouettes in three different styles – The Chain bag, Chain tote. The bag is fashion-focused yet widely versatile. The Louis Vuitton New Wave will be available in strong ruby and chic black complemented by seasonal hues including Malibu Green, Smoothie Pink, and Snow White. Each of this style boasts an LV metallic closure, which shows their latest lettering that appears elsewhere.

Although covered, the chain-strap flap bags are not exactly new; what makes it different and unique are the structural differences and details. If you have seen some Saint Laurent bags before, the shopping tote will remind you of them in addition to the vintage Chanel parts those bags were inspired by.









This bag can feel more tacky than fun and they feel great when carried by the right person. In either way, the Louis Vuitton New Wave is priced relatively well for leather bags. The Louis Vuitton New Wave Bag MM is $2,270, PM is $1,990 and the Chain Tote is $2,680.